Trophy is Money, Developers are earning money on the trophy system

Why it makes sense for developers to support the Trophy System.

Trophy is money for the developers

It makes a lot of business sense for companies to support the new Trophy System. We will talk about that after a brief introduction to the trophy system.
The trophy system may be a gimmick for gamers like you and me because it makes us go through the game and try to unlock all the secrets in order to obtain all the trophies...

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chaosatom3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

I am guessing they have to priotize E3 over this, but after E3, there is no excuse.

COD4 even has achivements from xbox. They don't actually have to create new things like Ratchet or Uncharted people do because they don't already have pre-defiened acheivements.

Another thing he forgot to mention. Developers who SUPPORT trophies get respect from gamers and will support future games.

It's gives a reason to build a loyal fanbase and raise their reputation. *cough EA*

toughNAME3735d ago

Like it or not, Achievements add a huge amount of replay value.

It took Sony awhile...but they have finally enter the current gen.

DrWan3735d ago

i agree with u, for some reason i think this will have probalby a bigger impact than achievement. not trying to dump down on it, i give it alot of credit for being the predecessor. But the whole leveling system and platinum that u can only get after u unlock EVERYTHING is a really really big deal for hardcores.

Serg3735d ago

I actually considered buying SSHD for it, though I decided to wait until my MGS4 80 GB Bundle arrives, and sell my 40 gig PS3. Article is correct, this adds a huge replay value, therefore the market for used games will be smaller then, at least this is a logic analysis, could turn out wrong but personally I would dig out every game I once bought to raise my Trophy count. Therefore people like me will prove this theory right.

thor3735d ago

I'm sorry toughname, that you get so many disagrees and a guy who agrees with you gets agrees... fanboyism has gone too far I'm afraid.

Back on topic, I do agree, but what I'll always say is that there have been "skll pints" in games since spyro the dragon 1 and maybe before, what's more, uncharted, resistance, and ratchet and clank, maybe a few more, had a system like achievements, they just didn't add up over different games. To me it's not that different.

Meus Renaissance3735d ago

There is no way in hell am I going to replay GTA4 to earn Trophies. I'm like 50 hours into that game easily and still just about over half way through

DrWan3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

i hear u lol. is it just maybe i shoud'nt say this, i dont know how u guys will react. but i think the game is boring (dont hit me, just a personal opinion)! Sometimes the freedom of 'sandbox games' makes me..feel like i actually doing more of the same thing :(

Meus Renaissance3735d ago

I haven't played it for weeks. The side missions you have to do just are too much and get boring.

Silogon3735d ago

Since I am the new Games Blow allow me to take a page from his book "the fake one not the real one"

"Trophy's, outside of a few 3rd party games, will be relegated to Ps3 exclusive games only. 3rd party is not on board with them like Sony wants you to think." Games blow: excerpt taken from the Sony blog

I thought I could play the part the best I could. I actually agree with him, though. I mean, me.

DrWan3735d ago

I see, i guess the 3rd parties won't support it then? We'll see. i hope they do though

jams_shop3735d ago

I can see 3rd parties not patching current game but for future releases if they can do Achievement for the xbox why not trophies for the ps3.

butterfinger3735d ago

won't have trophies for future titles is just retarded (as this article nicely points out). Trophies are not too much of a hassle for the devs, and worst case scenario, they will sell more copies to people that just want trophies. Silogon, it's really not a good thing to want to be like gamesblow even if you do agree with some of the bs he says. Gamesblow is worse than Sony, worse than surfer girl, worse than ANY insider. Where is that Sony-backed website he said he had coming out? The guy is a joke.

Silogon3735d ago

I'm not talking about that Gamesblow, man. I'm talking about the other one, Games()blow The one who is a parody of the real one. The one who is/was on the official blog with me and Ajax1 and a few others. We all got banned today from the blog for speaking out about the update.

I don't care about Gamesblow. I couldn't give two jerks of P*$$ in a paper cup about him or his predictions back on Neo Gaf. He might have been in the industry or worked in Sales for Sony but his information wasn't onto him and him alone from my past experience with him on Neo.

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mistertwoturbo3735d ago

Hrmmrmrmmmmm, PSP trophies. Make them add up to your overall PS3 level. Sony needs to implement this

jams_shop3735d ago

that will be awesome
I also hope that we can carry our trophies to the next system if there is any

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