Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Clips

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "NamcoBandai just uploaded some new clips from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. The game looks like the 360 version but it's…different. That second clip has like 100 Naruto characters on the screen at once. The power of the Playstation 3 is strong in this game."

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DarkSniper3731d ago

Japanese anime and PLAYSTATION®3 work hand in hand. PLAYSTATION®3 enhances the gameplay experience while providing sharp visuals and unprecedented depths of fun factor. It's no secret that Xbox 360 simply does not have the capabilities to do what PLAYSTATION®3 can do.


romemac73731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

having both system and having played naruto on the 360 before and now having played the naruto ultimate ninja storm demo on my ps3, i can say that the ps3 naruto looks and plays 100x better. the ps3 naruto looks like the real anime playing before your eye. naruto ultimate ninja storm for the ps3 has stunning draw distance by the way, where the 360 one has none.

Romemac7 out

SeanScythe3730d ago

Yeah they don't look the same I saw the side by side video and the 360 looks more like a game and the PS3 looks more like the anime. PS3 way better in graphics, but it does have a year on the 360 version. The game play on the PS3 is sweet played the demo for awhile last night.