Playstation trophy with sound effect

When 2.4 was released last night every time you got a trophy there was no sound when you got it. Sometime between now and then a sound effect has been added to the trophies. The youtube video showing it is after the jump. This video seems to be a 100% legit video as well.

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Lord Anubis3425d ago

some people didn't think it had sound.

gaffyh3424d ago

It had a sound from the word go, like a little jingle. That's the first thing I thought when it came up, because people had been saying that it would not have a sound.

shadowfox63424d ago

nice sound

it gives you a sence of reward


ActionBastard3424d ago

Sooooooooooo glad it isn't even remotely similar to the "Achievement Unlocked" sound. My buddy has it as his message notifier on his cell and it drives me insane.

Cregan45843424d ago

bogus. i havent heard it in any trophies i received. and if so, i finally found a bug on 2.40. uh oh. don't let the microsoft kids find out about this tremendous failure! sony is finished! it doesn't make a goofy jingle when you earn a 2d trophy!!!!!!!!!

Mr_Showtime13424d ago

just turn the music of SSD:HD if you want to hear it

ActionBastard3424d ago

Wrong dude. There is a sound. Although I did have to lower the game's SFX and music.

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The story is too old to be commented.