Led Zeppelin Uncomfortable With Licensing Songs To Rock Band, Guitar Hero

Wondering why there isn't any Led Zeppelin in the Rhythm Games you love? Here's what Michael McWhertor of Kotaku says,

"According to their management, the band isn't 'comfortable' giving up access to its master tapes, the very thing required to edit these things down to Rock Band and Guitar Hero ready formats.

'It ain't about the money,' says Peter Mensch of Q Prime Management who handles Led Zep's interests."

McWhertor goes on to list a few of the bands that have given up the access, including Van Halen, Steely Dan, Guns N' Roses, and the Eagles.

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-Maverick-3732d ago

Led Zeppelin are the most legendary band of all time. Thats why lol

Darkfiber3732d ago

I just wish more good bands wouldn't sell out to these piece of **** money sink fad music "games"

RevN8r3732d ago

It's obvious that you haven't played any of these games, and while you're entitled to your opinion, you are currently not making an educated statement.

Spydiggity3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

the time ppl invest in these games, they could actually learn the basics of real instruments.

i bought guitar hero 2, i wish i could get that money back. all playing that game did was make me pick up my real guitar again. what a waste. and every song is the same. the buttons you are pressing have nothing to do with actual notes or chords. they are just random buttons that the programmers designated.

these games are gimmicky. like tickle-me-elmo. i'm just surprised they are still popular. you'd think people would be tired of NOT playing music all day.

and i'm glad we don't see pink floyd and led zeppelin appearing in these lame games. it would taint their music. there is no reason to recreate or cover this music. they did it perfect the first time. nobody should be allowed to cover stairway or comfortably numb.

EDIT: I hope we never see Tool in these games either. Lets just leave it to old and new pop bands who need to milk more money out of the music they made that was never any good anyway.

I was so upset when i saw deep purple and pearl jam on there.

mariusmal3731d ago

news flash. i have a band for 10 years, i come from a family where music and learning to play instruments is normal as breathing, and i love guitar hero.

you guyz problem is that you have low self-esteem. that's why you feel "oh roxors i can play the real thing, i'm so l33t"

Damphear3731d ago

they wont give out the tapes do to it well show they had no real talent and had to over dub about 99% of there work. that includes every thing.

zep sucks.

mepsipax3731d ago

how could you have a tool song in guitar hero, that would fry the programmers mind trying to figure that one out, but as long as zeppelin, floyd, beatles and other huge bands never sell out to these games I will still enjoy them.

RevN8r3731d ago

First of all, I apologize for the Wall of Text response, but I feel this needs to be said.

I am a professional musician with a BA in Music. I am a singer and I play Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Trumpet, French Horn, Accordion and many other instruments, and I love these games. What people need to realize when they're playing them is that they are games where you get to "play" music.

You point out that, "the buttons you are pressing have nothing to do with actual notes or chords. they are just random buttons that the programmers designated," but this is wrong. It's not exact, but the rhythms are actually there. If the music has ascending notes, the notes ascend on the buttons. If the music is chord driven, more than one button is pushed. The drums in Rock Band teach actual drum beats that can be taken to a real drum set! Again, it's not exact, but when you figure that the programmers want it to be accessible to all, it works out pretty well.

Now on to your best statements. "(T)he time ppl invest in these games, they could actually learn the basics of real instruments," and "(A)ll playing that game did was make me pick up my real guitar again." This is one of the best reasons these games are great. People that have no interest in music or instruments play these games with their friends and get the itch to learn a real instrument! There are numerous threads in the Rock Band forums of people who have gone out and bought real instruments because of the game, and that's a great thing. A game is making people want to learn something new, and be creative.

Finally, on to the great artists being in games like these. Artists like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd all have music that is timeless and culturally important. The problem is that the music isn't relevant to today's youth; they think of it as their parent's music, and oftentimes won't even give it a chance. So how do the great artists reach people they haven't been able to reach? To me it just seems logical to try a medium that is very popular with today's youth. Some people say that it would be selling out, but the truth is that it would only be selling out if the artists turn it into that. If they make it all about the money, then yes, they'll be selling out. If they, however, make it about trying to get their music to a new generation, then selling out is not the issue.

Like it or not, these games are not "gimmicky," they are quite popular and will likely be around for a long time. They are creating a desire in some to become creative and learn, and they are allowing music that would otherwise become forgotten to be relevant again. All in all, these games are good for the music, and I'm proud to say that I love them.

harrisk9543731d ago

That some of the classic rock bands don't see the benefits of these games. Rock Band and Guitar Hero introduce music to a younger generation that was never exposed to this great classic rock music. It's like the Beatles not understanding the new digital music industry being the future. Same attitude that kept ice boxes in homes for years after the refrigerator was invented!

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Max Power3732d ago

i am glad they won't sully their fantastic music with this crap.

Cregan45843732d ago

perhaps you've never played rock band. perhaps you should. maybe your the one whos wrong? Will you lose sleep tonight if led zepp announced their songs are coming to a music game? would that announcement cause you to do anything what so ever with your life differently? would it cause you to have a loose stool for 3 days?


RevN8r3732d ago

Right on, you've hit the nail on the head.

Max Power3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

all of those games... and it was fun for a little bit. but honestly i can't stand them now. i have hung up my guitar, and i am glad that Led Zeppelin isn't going to allow their songs to be subjected to this crap, to be honest they don't let their song be used very often, the cast of 'school of rock' had to beg them for the rights to use one of their songs the "Immigrant Song", and i feel that they are maintaining their mystique and their place in anything rock by not allowing their art to be diluted to the mainstream culture. Would i lose sleep, no. if any video game or news announcement make me live my life differently that would be depressing. and the question about my stool makes no sense. you wont find any bigger fan of Led Zeppelin than me, a 24 year old born and raised on 'Classic Rock', my entire right arm is dedicated to Led Zeppelin, but my respect of what they have done in my life gives me pleasure in knowing that they won't join Rock Band nor Guitar Hero, (for the moment, because anything can happen. i just hope it won't) Enjoy all the games that come out with music simulation i just don't get the same feeling i used to with those games anymore.

ThatArtGuy3732d ago

Actually, I can respect them for that. For them, it is a good reason and they stand by it. Good for them. At least we now know why.

RevN8r3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I totally agree that if they are worried that their masters are going to be messed up that they should keep them, and seeing as how LZ is notorious for not wanting to license their music, maybe they're just sticking to their guns.

However, this one just seems a little fishy to me, like maybe it is a money issue. They have more recently licensed their music to Cadillac, and other commercials, plus if they were really concerned about their masters getting messed up, they could have one of their trusted representatives there to oversee things. It just seems to me that maybe the fact that HMX and NVSFT are both after them, they're trying to squeeze out a bit more money. Then again, maybe they just really don't want to feel like they are selling out.

My hope is that the music will come to these games. It will be a way for one of the greatest musical groups of all time to reach a new generation, and maybe the Page and Plant legacy can live on (plus I really want to drum like Bonham).

Baka-akaB3732d ago

Does activision and Ea really even need the masters anyway ?

ThatArtGuy3732d ago

They would need the masters (or at least copies of them) to get the separate sound inputs from each instrument.

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