IGN: Bionic Commando Blog: Weekly Field Report: #4

Gearoid Reidy from Capcom writes:

"The big news this week is that we've got some more BC music for you to blow your cash on – we've only gone and put a crystal-clear high-quality version of the original NES Bionic Commando Soundtrack for sale!

Because you asked for it, and we like money, you can buy it right here at Sumthing Digital for the low, low price of just $2.99.

Whatever about the BCR soundtrack, we certainly don't expect to be making millions on this one, but there's nothing wrong with a little fan service now and again! Unfortunately, it is not available on iTunes - we ourselves would have loved to release it on iTunes, but unfortunately their pricing scheme isn't the best fit for this kind of album. We know we've got some crazy Bionic Commando fans here, but not crazy enough to spend 99 cents on a single 8-bit song! Er, right?"

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