Eight terrible things that Pokemon wrought

Pokémon, as with all worldwide phenomena, grew larger than the sum of its parts. When the Gameboy game and TV show went global, the franchise gave rise to all manner of merchandise, spin-offs and news stories. Like everything that becomes a smash hit, however, not everything that grew from the seeds in Pokémon's wake was good.

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TruthbeTold3694d ago

Some of that stuff is spot on. Even so, the upper level grossness can be applied to just about any extremely popular anime, or game for that matter.

iceman28853694d ago

Your right, same thing happens with any semi popular anime.

Also, the only thing I would argue with is the Pokemon snobs. You will run into that with any video game that is popular.

Tacki3694d ago

I still say the games up to Pokemon Silver and Gold were fantastic.

But that article was actually alot more interesting and funny than I thought. Pretty spot on too!

Strangely though, when I clicked on the Pokerap I imagined the X-Play and Attack of the Show crew all singing it. Really... I just don't know where that came from. I'm sorry.

kingme713694d ago

My kids 6 and 8 are so into Pokemon right now. They can name just about any Pokemon and the order they evolve. It's amazing what their little brains can remember.

jspc19893694d ago

i look back on it now and kinda miss those days lol. back when u could walk down a street and at least 1 out of every 3 ppl wud be holding a gameboy with poke red or blue in it lol.

altho he is right about all those issues he stated. regarding the porn tho i wish he hadnt gone into so much detail on that one. im not squeemish but that one made me cringe lol x