GamesRadar Ultimate Character Battle - Day 4

Three days ago, GamesRadar assembled a group of 64 powerful (or at least semi-well-known) combatants to square off against each other for the unofficial and highly dubious title of Best Character Ever, and already the competition has taken a heavy toll on the entrants. Only eight of the original 64 remain standing, and today, they're going to patch up their wounds, put on a brave face and pound the tar out of each other in the three final rounds.

Once again, five members of GamesRadar's inner illuminati met secretly to determine the winners by drawing names out of a hat. Then - guided by their senses of humor, a combined knowledge of videogames that could fill Wikipedia and an intense desire to get this thing over with - they determined, through stream-of-consciousness discussion, how each battle would go down. Here, then, are the final results of those shadowy meetings.

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Pizza The Hut3736d ago

damn that I CAN HAZ CHEESEBURGER CAT....always makes me laugh...

MK_Red3735d ago

Yeah right, Hulk defeating a ninja like Sub-Zero. Only in green monster's dreams.

carnagecam3735d ago

I looked at this feature with a slight sense of excitement a few days ago on gamesradar. Only to discover it wasn't done with a remote sense of maturity and was very stupid. I would like to have seen this down with some seriousness.

not comments like

"cloud is too busy looking at his hair" so link wins??

Baffled me

Evilninja3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

It's a parody, and it's pretty obviously meant to be silly and broad on purpose. Think of it as mockery of other sites' more serious character battles, and it might piss you off less.