Interview: Games for Windows' Kevin Unangst

Microsoft's Kevin Unangst has perhaps the most difficult-to-pronounce name in the industry (hint: according to a user on a genealogy board, it's "u-nanks"), and as the Senior Global Director of the Games for Windows initiative, probably one of the more challenging jobs. Case in point: At a press event held last week to promote the initiative as well as the latest games that will bear the brand, there were only two PC-exclusive titles on show.

A good deal of ink has been spilled pondering the perceived decline of the PC gaming market, much of it wrongheaded. But judging from what was on show at this event, it's hard to come away not feeling that, in at least some sectors, PC gaming is suffering from something of an identity crisis. Unagnst is more than aware of all the hand-wringing that's been going on, and at last week's event, GameSpy picked his brain about the state of PC gaming and what the Games for Windows initiative has in store for it beyond a logo and a few Best Buy endcaps.

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Who is this dude? He works with "Games for Windows" you say?

I hates him.