5 things We Hate About The Xbox One

"As part of our whinge fest series, we look at all major gaming platforms and decide the top 5 things we hate about them"

Its the Xbox One's turn to be subjected to the angst of the GameOnDaily crew.

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JoeMcCallister1411d ago

This series just caught my eye but it's pretty good, valid points for the Xbone and PS4, and I like that the UI/UX is on both lists, because frankly they need a lot of work.

BoriboyShoGUN1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Wow!!! Im just laughing at Frodo slipping the Xbox ring on buahhaaha!

*Honestly though I think the Xbox was pushed out the door. I think the PS4 being released so soon forced Microsoft to do the same. The PS4 just seemed farther ahead on development to me.

DigitalRaptor1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Of all the GIFs i've seen, I'd not actually seen that one, so it made me chuckle a bit too much.

ABizzel11411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Agreed with everything that was said about the PS4 except #1 (The Fanboys), because they are the most tolerable group between the 3 fanboys IMO.

PS4's should have been

5. The Controller (battery > thumbstick rubber > light bar)
4. The UI (a long line of games????, we need folders)
3. Multimedia (lacking more offerings)
2. Resolution-Gate (1080p isn't the be all, but it is nice to have)
1. Online Stability (by far the biggest gripe, PS3's Store is just bad)

Agree with everything that was said about the XBO except #5 and #1. The XBO is big and looks like a VCR, but it's not an eye sore. If they can reduce the size of it, it'll be fine. Also the image quality of games are just fine. When things like 720p vs 1080p, or 30fps locked vs 60fps unlocked show up in favor of the PS4 then by all means it can be disheartening for XBO owners, because they know PS4 fanboys are going to be claiming victory, but instead of accepting it and moving on you have the diehards that want to argue, go in full defense mode, and try to bash and downplay as much as possible. And even playing online I've come across the worse people on XBL just flat-out trash, but at the same time I've met some of my favorite gaming people on XBL as well, so it's really hit or miss on there, unfortunately there's a lot of miss when in random matches with people. which is why the top 5 for XBO should be.

5. Kinect price (made XBO $500 instead of $400, cost $75 sold at $150)
4. The UI (non intuitive, and has too many loading issues)
3. Long Installs (they take forever in comparison to PS4)
2. Fanboys (some of the most annoying and vile of people in gaming)
1. Having to Hard Reset the console almost daily

gangsta_red1411d ago

This list is just like the PS4 list and I can't agree with most on either of those lists, except the PS4 fanboys which was spot on.

The only thing I can really agree with is the UI for the Xbox One. It is a mess compared to the 360, but maybe because I'm used to the 360 but IMO it should be as smooth as a transition of going from a Dodge Ram to a Ford F150.

I do not like the way the marketplace is set up and I definitely do not like how much is going on when on the Friends section.

Hopefully an update will take care of this.

An eyesore? Really? I stuck it in my entertainment center and never looked back. It's a black box, it's no more of an eye sore as a say a PC tower would be.

I love the Kinect for the X1 and as recent articles have pointed out there are some games being made and other mysterious devices which I am sure will be used in conjunction with the device.

AngelicIceDiamond1411d ago

No. 4
No. 3
N0. 2

Are the real issues of Xbox.

AngelicIceDiamond1411d ago

Funny how the PS4 version didn't get submitted here but the X1 article did.

Gee? I wonder why?

GameSpawn1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

"Funny how the PS4 version didn't get submitted here but the X1 article did.

Gee? I wonder why? "

It did, a day ago.

Giul_Xainx1410d ago

I have played an xbox, 360, and an xo. But everything on that list is true when you compare between all three consoles only. Compared to pc? Pfft. Don't even try.

But the ps4 list should be:
5. Subfolders for dl games.
4. Battery life on controller.
3. Rubber on controller

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XboxOneX1411d ago

The article should be called "Things I Hate About The Xbox One" not Things We Hate because nobody else shares your hatred towards the console.

torchic1411d ago Show
AndrewLB1411d ago

Calling it an eyesore is just repeating Sony fanboy talking points. It doesn't stick out at all in a home theater setup.


In fact, I think the PS4 stands out more than the Xbone due to it's non-standard width and slanted front.

TheRedButterfly1411d ago

Couldn't agree more. If you have the XO sitting on the top of your desk or dresser or whatever, then yeah, it's a beast of a machine. But put where it's "supposed" to be, it fits in wonderfully!

torchic1411d ago

you're right it doesn't stand out, because in terms of design it's the most bland, most uninspirational piece of premium tech money can buy.

seriously after getting it so right with the design of the original 360 how did MS make such a boring looking console this time gee

tbf it does look half decent in white

Pogmathoin1411d ago

They designed the X1 to fit, not another device that forced everything to be moved so you could accommodate it.

xfiles20991411d ago

It is a eyesore I will never get one cuzz I have no place to put it. Plus not being able display it in a vertical position major deal for me.

jrshankill1411d ago

"It is a eyesore I will never get one cuzz I have no place to put it. Plus not being able display it in a vertical position major deal for me. "

wow.. just.. wow

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Gamer19821411d ago

Hate is a strong word and should not be used in the title the people who allowed this article should be ASHAMED.

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Volkama1411d ago

Harsh list. Makes the PS4 one seem pretty gentle.

Also, I've been on many a bar crawl as a youngster, but never "the installation bar crawl". Sounds messy.

Septic1411d ago

Harsh but fair and also by no means reactionary to the hate the PS4 equivalent got. That one, well we all knew would illicit the kind of reactions it did. No reason to tip toe around the sensibilities of others though. That's not how we do it at GameonDaily.

TheRedButterfly1411d ago

Surprised that stock HDDs weren't addressed. 500GBs when game installs are mandatory... It's laughable for both platforms.

Ciporta19801411d ago

Did you write these articles or something?

Mega241411d ago

Ha, I think they took big shots at both, But they should have pointed out the decision to equip both with a sh*tty tablet CPU with 1.6ghz.

Also, I don't think the DS4 should be on the list, neither should be the eyesore complaint for the XB1. Looks way better then the OG Xbox.

InTheLab1411d ago

I agree with the looks of the Bone. It looks ridiculous on TV but looks good in person.

What is bad is the user interface. Omg it's so bad. Worse than I expected.

Kryptonite42O1411d ago

I think the DS4 was one of the most agreeable things on that list..

Another thing that I hate about the DS4 is that there is no option to power the controller off on command... This makes no sense for anyone watching Netflix. It just pointlessly drains the battery, which already has a relatively short lifespan.

Mega241411d ago


Um, you can turn off the controller while watching Netflix. Just hold the the PS button, Adjust Devices, Turn Off devices, Dualshock controller, takes like 3 secs to do so.

PONTIAC08G8GT1410d ago


Are you turning off a controller or setting the coordinates for a missile strike? Turning off a controller should be as easy as:

A) Removing batteries (if applicable)
B) Hold 1 button

Why should you have to go to a menu, find devices, choose the device, tap your head and jump on one foot, and then complete a word search? Everyone laughs at the X1 controller because it still uses AA. Well if I'm too lazy to hold the X guide button to turn off the controller, I just pop out the batteries.

Kryptonite42O1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )


Go try it.... doing it the way you explained, pauses any videos that are playing... To resume the video, you have to turn the controller back on.

defeating the purpose.

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DragonKnight1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

The list is just as stupid as the PS4 list. I'd say they were scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with their Xbox One reasons though. Compare.

PS4 Problems According to Gameondaily

Controller, U.I., Lack of Media functionality, Network Instability and Fanboys.

Xbox One Problems According to Gameondaily

The Look of the Console, The U.I., Install Times, Kinect, Graphics.

No mention of the Xbox fanboys, no mention of the fact that LizardSquad took down Live as well, no mention of the ancient concept of controllers needing to use batteries.

It's just nitpicking. It's not really harsh, it's the nicest possible reasons they could come up with for the Xbox One that were still technically problems, but problems that are as old to mention as when the console first launched.

Sorry Septic, but the install times is probably the only actual problem facing the Xbox One currently based on that list you provided.

Septic1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

What a load of bull. Short of power bombing Phil Spencer through a table, I don't know what you want us to say.

These are real problems criticising both the consoles software and hardware and you think these are the 'nicest' possible problems? And this is coming from the guy who thought BATTERIES were a problem to be listed? Sort yourself out mate.

The UI is mentioned in BOTH articles. In fact, it explicitly states that we prefer the PS4 one. But alas, for the likes of you, that's not enough.

The power is a MASSIVE point. Image quality is such an integral part of a next gen experience and our closing statement on that couldn't be clearer. But that wasn't enough either.

How bleedin insecure are you?

Your little rant in the other article left all of us in the team facepalming hard.

I got my PS4 day one too. I got a video of me lining up for it and being one of the first few people in the country to get one.

The analog sticks wearing out are a real DOCUMENTED problem and Sony have officially acknowledged it too. On top of that, I put up a picture of MY DS4 with its sticks worn out and that's not enough? Get out of here. You wouldn't know integrity if it smacked you in the face.

Our X1 article was harsh, harsher than our PS4 one and we didn't just do it to satiate your tears.

"Sorry Septic, but the install times is probably the only actual problem facing the Xbox One currently based on that list you provide"

Oh is it now? Well then I hope for your sake that you NEVER made a fuss about the X1 and it's inferior hardware, it's user interface and the Kinect. And if you dare bring these points up again I'll be sure to direct you to your comment back here.

Downright ridiculous. Nitpicking my a**. And this guy thinks that AA batteries are a bigger issue...


PONTIAC08G8GT1410d ago

Well, looks like I read my novel for the year...

Anyways, complaining about things like the look of the system, completely an opinion. Some like it, some dont. I don't think the PS4 looks that great, it's a piece of plastic that's slanted.

The UI, I don't mind it. The store is a little messy but besides that I like that I can pin my favorite apps right to the home page. This is another opinion.

Install times, they do take a bit long. Usually I'll pop a game in and go do something else, come back and its done.

Kinect is no longer included and forced on you. I actually like my Kinect and so do many others. Once again, an opinion.

Power, this is legit as the PS4 plays almost everything in 1080p while the X1 sometimes reaches it.

All in all, only 2 points are actually valid, the rest are opinions.

JoeMcCallister1411d ago

I was a little surprised the HDD space on current skus wasn't mentioned on either the PS4 or Xbox One list come to think of it - I'm totally out of space on Xbone and have to get an external here in the next few days just to think about installing new games. Data management is ridiculous on these things.

Volkama1411d ago

Agreed you can definitely throw that at both consoles and even the Wii U (doesn't make you install discs, but imagine trying to go all digital with a choice of 8gb or 32gb).

Maybe it just didn't make the top 5.

Septic1411d ago

Funnily enough the HDD space was one of the top ones on the PS4 article but we changed it for the infamous fanboy point. This list is by no means an exhaustive one though.

Spotie1411d ago

The fanboy point IS NOT a point. For ANY console. It's not a feature or aspect of the console, so it's impossible for it to be something you hate about said console, even if you hate them.

Septic1411d ago

They are a big part of the console community and ecology, particularly for core gamers who regularly frequent sites in which these communities are involved.

We maintain that a community of gamers and their behaviour is a point. Sorry but we will have to agree to disagree.

Anyway, lets stay on topic here.

DigitalRaptor1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Out of an install base of tens of millions, only a few thousand at best will be hardcore fanboys. How is that a slight against the console itself?

Spotie was right, here. I don't really care what you want to say to me on the grounds of fanboyism, or how you point your finger. The fanboy point is a non-point. If you let a tiny fraction of a userbase ruin your enjoyment of a console when you can easily ignore it, then the problem lies with you on that, not them.

Does hardcore football fanaticism, where insults and arguments are thrown about on a daily basis, ruin the game as a whole? Does it affect the teams and the quality of the skills on display? No it doesn't.

DragonKnight1411d ago

Septic if the fanboy point is a point, then it needs to be in the Xbox list too. You know it does.

DragonKnight1411d ago

Your comments prove that it does. Deal with that.

Christopher1411d ago

I agree with DK here, and you know it's serious when I do that :P

But, seriously, if you say fanboys are an issue with Sony's console, then they are an equal issue with PC and XBox One.

This media inflated idea that Sony fanboys are the worst is just that, an inflation by the media and their desire to get hits by encouraging fanboyism of one sort so as to increase the chances of conflict between them. And you can't just blame one side of a war when it takes two to tango.

Septic1411d ago

Gotta disagree with you both on this. It's not the existence of fanboys on both platforms that's the issue. It's the behaviour of Sony fanboys that's the issue. They are most toxic for a reason and their behaviour when it comes to deriding ALL other platforms is the primary issue.

That meme that I plucked was simply from Google and that saying is a common one for a reason. Sony fanboys have been habitual haters for a very long time. I think it's mostly down to the heritage of the system which makes them feel so entitled.

They are the worst of the worst in my opinion and such a significant problem that they marr the image of the PlayStation including the 4th console.

Outside_ofthe_Box1411d ago

***"It's not the existence of fanboys on both platforms that's the issue."***


***"Sony fanboys have been habitual haters for a very long time. I think it's mostly down to the heritage of the system which makes them feel so entitled."***

And other fanboys have been habitual........... lovers?

Look, let's be real here, it's obvious to anyone that has been on this site long enough that you favor the Xbox brand a little more overall. Nothing is wrong with that all. But because of that, it is the reason why you feel that Sony fanboys are the worst of the worst. The fact that you said the existence of fanboys isn't the issue further proves this.

If you own a PS4 how exactly do Sony fanboys ruin your experience with the system? It's not like they'll be making fun of the PS4.

You keep giving reasons as to why one is worse, but how are the others any better?

JMyers1411d ago

Wow really? And MS fanboys are better? Nice one Septic. Take off your Xbox goggles and look in the mirror please.

gangsta_red1411d ago

"This media inflated idea that Sony fanboys are the worst is just that, an inflation by the media..."

Even if inflated there has to be some grounds in truth for it. And one doesn't have to look very far to see that it's very possible for them to be the worse out of the bunch.

I mean don't you associate other aspects of a product or person with the crowd it attracts or surrounds itself with? The Twilight movies could be the Citizen Kane of its generation but I would never know because it looked like the people who liked it were nothing but a bunch of emo, tweeny, pop young kids.

Now does Sony fanboys keep me from liking my PS3 or being interested in PS4? No, but I admit seeing the way a most act on here does put a perception of the fanbase as whole when viewing the PS4.

"Does hardcore football fanaticism, where insults and arguments are thrown about on a daily basis, ruin the game as a whole?"

Yes it does, try going to a Raider vs 49er home game wearing the opposing team clothes or colors and tell me if your game isn't ruined.

"Does it affect the teams and the quality of the skills on display? No it doesn't."

Yes it does, I mean the Seattle Seahawks pretty much rely on the 12th man when playing at home.

"You keep giving reasons as to why one is worse, but how are the others any better?"

But how are Sony fanboys NOT as worse as the others? No one seems to be giving any reasons as to why they aren't the worse.

In my opinion Septic should have written a whole separate article on just how bad they are compared to other fanboy bases.

Outside_ofthe_Box1410d ago


***"But how are Sony fanboys NOT as worse as the others?"***

I'm not saying that they are not as worse. I'm saying they are all equally as bad.

***"No one seems to be giving any reasons as to why they aren't the worse."****

Given that you favor the Xbox brand more, you'll obviously see PS fanboys as being the worst as well.

It's a back and forth thing, a perspective thing, and a contextual thing. That's why one isn't any worse than the other.

Certain things that you may see as "harsh truths" for one console others may see it as over excessive and fanboyish.

Certain things that you may view as "fanboyish" others may view as someone just stating facts as harsh as they maybe.

So whatever. Pointing out that one fanboy is worse than the other is indirectly saying that it's ok as long as you don't do it as bad as fanboy ___X___. I just read the Sseptic's PS fanboy reason on the PS version of this article and I can only shake my head. Wish I had been there to comment on it when it was initially approved. Septic showed his is true colors on that article without a doubt.

doritos1410d ago

That's funny. The whole time I've been playing on PSN, I haven't heard these fanboys you speak of. I haven't heard anyone disparaging on Xbox about PlayStation either. Get your own insecurities in check, Boss, they be peeking out at the rest of us.

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die_fiend1411d ago ShowReplies(2)