US Store Update July 3, 2008

The US Playstation Store has updated, July 3rd 2008 and the following has been added:-


Guitar Hero III: 4th of July Single Track (free)
Rock Band Add-Ons
Coming Soon

Game Videos

KILLZONE 2 Trailer (free)
Battlefield: Bad Company Bad World Trailer (free)
Battlefield: Bad Company Rainbow Sprinkles Trailer (free)
Battlefield: Bad Company Snake Eyes Trailer (free)
Dead Space Animated Comic #2 (free)
Dead Space Animated Comic #3 (free)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Course Video (free)
Valkyria Chronicles Teaser Trailer (free)
Vampire Rain: Altered Species #1 (free)
Vampire Rain: Altered Species #2 (free)

Theatrical Trailers

Lakeview Terrace Trailer (free)

Blu-Ray Disc Trailers

John Mayer Live in Los Angeles Trailer (free)
Vantage Point Trailer (free)
Persepolis Trailer (free)
Themes and Wallpapers

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Silogon3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Another ****y Sony classic.

I'm pretty fed up with these Dong Bangers. I'm not even turning my system on for this one. the electricity it would cost and the energy used by me is worth more than this absysmal, typical, update.

Vicophine3580d ago

Well you see in order to turn on your system, okay, you need to "own" the system.

Killzone 2 trailer in HD and Valkyria Chronicles are fine by me. Vampire Rain on the other hand...Yesh, I'll rent it lol.

RevN8r3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

This story was published 8 minutes ago, but I still have no update. I've tried signing out and in again, still nothing. Just me?

Edit: Just went live @ 5:20 PST. Qore is there, and all the stuff listed above, plus:

- Woodward Theme
- Sid Meier's Civilization Theme
- Top Spin 3 Wallpaper
- Lakeview Terrace Trailer
- Persepolis Trailer
- Vantage Point Trailer

Mikelarry3580d ago

even went a step further i turned off my ps3 and still no update

gw4k3580d ago

Question you if you have a PS3 if you have something negative to say.
I have a PS3 and I am not turning it on just for this. When I am playing some Metal Gear, I may swing over to download the Killzone trailer. Maybe.

Grow up silly fanboys. Leave the discussing to the men!

dantesparda3579d ago

360 fanboys dont do the same thing? Both sides are exactly the same! But yeah, this is a sucky update. But seriously people you cant expect to get a demo every week.

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Iceman X3580d ago

Dude stop complaining , since when did Sony make games and demos every week?? They don't they must get demos from the developers. they don't just pulled them out their butts. If the developers doesn't send Sony any demos then there are none for that week. Even Live doesn't get demos every week.

Silogon3580d ago

Whatever you say rowboat.

Genesis53580d ago

I thought you were done with Sony. Why are you still here?

NaViTo3580d ago

Ohhhh... no demos this week.

Silogon3580d ago

Yeah, again. Sony's classic for this. Always under delievering and always over hyping. What's even funnier is the morons who say Qore isn't going to affect the demo's and content on the ps3.

you keep telling yourselves this.

ELite_Ghost3580d ago

wait till the S.O.C.O.M Beta coming this month...

legendkilla3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

yeah that beta is goin to be sweet!

this month? link please!

Proxy3580d ago

Sony has been hyping this "June 3, 2008 update" for several years now, and when it finally arives, nothing. Pfft. All hype!

end sarcasm

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3580d ago
Mikelarry3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

US store has not been updated i dont know what store they looking @ but my US store still showing the stuffs from last week

RevN8r3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

I think you're right. I think this guy was wanting to get the jump on the story, because I have nothing new.

Edit: Just went live. Qore is there, and all the other stuff, plus a couple more things.

gw4k3580d ago

You know Sony is needing some money pretty bad or they wouldn't be starting this BS. I have heard mention of Home costing extra for some features.

Who knows. I think Sony should have charged something for their online service.....But wait, it isn't good enough YET (fanboys, I said YET) to charge for.

Funk Qore, I will watch that Shi...stuff on youtube. NOT!

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