Metal Gear Solid 4 Week: Part 1 - What does it all mean?

Why Solid Snake isn't the star of the MGS series...

To celebrate PSM3#103, in which the UK's leading journalists (and, er, PSM3 themselves) reveal their uncensored thoughts about MGS4, its hidden meanings and Hideo Kojima's frustrating excesses in a four page special feature - they have scoured the best of the web, their forums and nudged a few global journalist friends for their thoughts. Thought Snake was a hero? PSM3 contributor Sam Atkins has an interesting theory about who the real star of the series' is...

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pwnsause3695d ago

I kinda agree what he said, Ocelot did quadupled cross all these people just to stop what he helped create. not only that he idolized Big Boss in the end. just play MGS3 and you would see why

ThatCanadianGuy3695d ago

I was playing MGS3 just last night
It still amazes me how great the graphics were back then,and that ending..

rivals MGS4's ending i'd say.
I really really really hope they Remake Snake eater to PS3.

clintos593695d ago

Just the ending of how snake went out on mgs4 was the best way u can end a great icon like solid snake.

I mean kojima did the right thing, because snake was aging and I love the fact that even though he was old, kojima showed snakes true strength was his courage and heart to never give up. We couldnt have asked for a better ending.