X360 preview: Gears of War 2 multiplayer

Despite the fact that it physically and emotionally hurts X360, their trip to see Gears 2 was so jam-packed with facts that X360 has had to almost entirely forgo its usual jocular verbosity in favour of actually getting straight to the point. So hold tight, because even across eight pages, they are cutting it fine.

While it's fair to say that the majority of us purchased Gears on the strength of its excellent single-player campaign, it is to the multiplayer that we owe the sleepless nights still occurring a full one-and-a-half years later. The X360 team are enormous fans of Gears Of War, which always makes things a little difficult when attempting to look at a game in a wholly objective light. However, grabbing Cliff Bleszinski's replica Lancer and roadierunning through the hallways of Epic Games' North Carolina headquarters was enough to sweat out the doe-eyed fanboy, sit down, shut up and calmly shoot the living crap out of our fellow journalists.

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JokesOnYou3700d ago

Interesting, the icon on the site says the version tested is 60% complete.

"With the promise of many more new weapons that are going to “blow your mind” along with a dozen new maps, it’s hard to believe that what we played is still a whole six months from completion. As it stands, our time with the game was hands down the best multiplayer shooter experience we have ever had. There’s no doubt that Gears Of War 2 will own your world." -Dan Howdle


power of Green 3700d ago

"kick loose paper and dust into eddies that swirl through the orange glow of twilight. The effect is stunning."

" The multiplayer maps and modes of Gears Of War were really the last element to go in. More to the point, they were crowbarred into whatever time remained after perfecting the single-player campaign. It begs the question that if Cliff and co managed to create such an insanely fun multiplayer experience as an afterthought then what could they achieve if it were treated with equal importance from day one? After eight hours of multiplayer mayhem with Gears 2, we can honestly say that Epic has answered that very question. And then some."

Tacki3700d ago

Gotta say, the multiplayer is looking to be absolutely fantastic. I'm especially glad to hear that the same weapons don't always spawn in the same spot. I think this creates a much more balanced game... kind of forcing you to actually get good with a wide range of weapons. Man, this game can't come out soon enough!

I'm interested in the campaign too, but even the multiplayer alone would seem enough to warrant a buy!

Not the Face3700d ago

right on down to taking pictures when you dead and the game rating them by how much action. i love games that save photos or replays! oh yeah and meat flag?! sounds great!

Irishrocket693700d ago

Done right! You get what you pay for!

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