Seven reasons I'm not buying Final Fantasy Tactics A2

From the article, "I adore Final Fantasy games. It is definitely one of my favorite game franchises and Square Enix is easily one of my favorite developers. I own every game in the series and a few of the remakes and ports as well. (I have three versions of FFVI, and in a few weeks I'll have three versions of FFIV too.)

But there's one Final Fantasy game I don't own and don't plan on buying - Final Fantasy Tactics A2. It isn't because I'm an RPG fan who can't handle strategic RPGs. I have the the PS1 and PSP version of Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and nearly every NIS game released in North America.

Simply put, Square Enix dropped the ball on Final Fantasy Tactics A2. The developers didn't think things through when creating the game. There are seven things I've learned about the title from reviews from credible game sites and Gamefaqs forums reports that make me realize that this is one adventure I don't want to experience."

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PS360WII3735d ago

The only one that I agree with is #3: Battlefields can’t be rotated

Other than that grow a pair and try a challange for once. Sorry you don't like to play the game and get rewarded for good battles and thinking.