IGN Nintendo's Most Anticipated E3 Games of 2008

It's nearing that time of year again. Yes -- the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2008. It's not the epic software showcase it used to be, but rest assured that it's still going to be a spectacle, packed full of new game announcements and updated, playable versions of some of the biggest Wii and DS projects gamers already know about. Keep reading as IGN take a look a look at 10 of our most anticipated E3 2008 products -- titles that have officially been announced for the exhibition.

Since IGN didn't cover Nintendo and all, they also realize that there are bound to be secrets and so they have also saved a special spot on their list for those. On top of everything else, IGN have banged their heads together and come up with some very possible intelligent guesses as to what may or may not be announced at E3 2008, some of the new games that might show, and some of the hardware advances we just might see.

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fermcr3614d ago

@i_like_ff7 "Sad case.... "

indeed... but still sells millions.

Product3614d ago

whatever it is it better be good on nintendos part with thier secrets.They better show some hardcore catering for once,ever if only a few hardcore games.

KeiZka3613d ago

Hardcore this, hardcore that... I loathe that word beyond everything these days.

But if there is a new Kid Icarus game in works, would that be "hardcore" enough for you, hmm?

Homicide3614d ago

Sad list. The only thing that interests me are Madworld, Chrono and that secret game (whatever it is).

pwnsause3614d ago

if starfox is not at E3, then its a Epic Fail

MK_Red3614d ago

I don't care what Nintendo's secret game is. It's probably a new Wii "something" or a new game with some old character / franchise.

Mad World is my absolute number one for Wii. As for other games on that list, where the F*** is De Blob!? Aside from Mad World and de Blob, the only other decent game for a Nintendo system is Chrono Trigger (Duh!).

littletad3614d ago

Let's just hope they don't ruin it with tacked on motion sensing controls.

MK_Red3614d ago

Yeah, love them. Original and the sequel, Crimson Butterfly scared the heck out of me. Hopefully indeed they use motion controls properly and do FF justice.

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The story is too old to be commented.