Is there anybody out there? The problem with online gaming.

Admittedly, PS3 is still in its infancy, but PSM3 have got growing concerns over online gaming already...

It all started with Warhawk. The online-only showpiece that Sony used to promote PS3's network potential. For a solid few months the servers were packed; hundreds and thousands of players keen to wreak havoc in one of the most satisfying virtual battlefields. Then CoD4 came along, and even Unreal Tournament III, and folk began to desert Warhawk's lobbies in favour of traditional FPS death-matches. Then GTAIV came along and it happened all over again. A trend is certainly forming.

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toughNAME3736d ago

I think this just shows that aside from ratings and sales...PS3 games are missing longevity, when compared to the game selection on other consoles.

I'll pull the stats of a completely random game:

Players Online:160,201
Unique Players (Last 24 Hours):767,383
Matches Logged (Last 24 Hours):2,100,520

There's no incentive to go back and play online on the PS3...hopefully Resistance 2 will do something

PimpHandHappy3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

because i have 110 hours on Warhawk and 8 days and 14 hours on COD

what was the incentive to keep playing COD? Please tell me

because i have been playing COD for months

Oh i get what your trying to say. Because the PS3 doesnt have achievments online you think ppl dont go back? Is that what your saying because i would rather not have achievments online. It leads to stat farming and ppl not playing the game like its meant to !

LastDance3736d ago

Imm just wondering.......There are quite a lot of playstations out there....but no where near as many ppl online as there is on xbox live.....

Does any1 think that, playstation users are a bit more old fashioned and are more into the single player experience rather then online compared to xbox where online is "the thing to do". It probably varies from person to person. IM just wondering how ppl feel about that here.

ThanatosDMC3736d ago

Have you played Warhawk? Do you know how hard it is not to die in that game? Every new person will have the purple heart medal in their first hours in the game.

Ummm... do you have a PS3 or are you just slinging poop?

TayTayShaniqua3736d ago

Yawn, idiot at gaming site makes the remarkable observation that gamers move on to newer online games and leave older ones behind and wraps it in a tone of some sort of shocking and worrisome danger for the PS3.

Bury this garbage.

ThanatosDMC3736d ago

Bubbles for you my friend.

Vicophine3736d ago

Breaking News: When new online game releases people from older online game stop playing said game. More at 11.

PimpHandHappy3736d ago

i'll tune in at 11

but really i plan on going back to Warhawk. I will never trade this game in! NEVER

its the best all out War game ever made!

SlyGuy3736d ago

I play Warhawk almost every day (either ranked, or 2-3 way split screen).

I LOVE that they included split screen for up to 4 players. It really is tons of fun when I have my friends/family over.

I like online, but split-screen online is DA BOMB!!! ALL other online games TAKE NOTE!

LevDog3736d ago

WarHawk is fun, So is COD4, So is MGO.. but lets be honest, Majority of us Ps3 Fans are waiting for Socom.. The Attach rate for Socom is huge.. Especially now that its going back to Socom 2 style (most popular socom).. That game will have longevity for sure.. Prolly for Years or until the Next Socom comes out by Zipper.. WarHawk is kinda new to the online world so its still starting out..

Its all about Socom..

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The story is too old to be commented.