PS3 Break-Even At 500K Says Namco Boss.

Namco Bandai president Takeo Takasu says the company must sell 500,000 units of every PlayStation 3 game in order to turn a profit.

He said the average game now costs $8.6 million to create. "We have to sell at least 500,000 copies per title worldwide to make a profit on PlayStation 3 games,'' said Takasu. The firm offered two games or PS3's launch in Japan and the U.S, Ridge Racer 7 and Gundam, both of which are "selling well " he said.

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shikwan4400d ago

Good luck with that! Cause there's aren't even enough consoles out there then to justify further production for games.

kornbeaner4399d ago

one week does not the determine the future. over time the PS3 will sell millions and a game can easily sell 500,000 on hype alone.

Balance4400d ago

from what i have read the gundum game is one of the worst launch titles ever, that company had better figure out fast how to make better games and not just riiiidddge racer 2,764.
next gen means everything has to be on another level, cheap unoriginal ps2 games don't hack it this gen.

Marty83704400d ago

He'll mean over the PS3 life cycle.

shikwan4400d ago

Check your sentence structure and grammer before using adjectives like "idiot".

Smellslikepie4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

Check your spelling before trying to correct someone else's English.

And anyway, 'Idiot' is a noun. If it were an adjective in his statement, it'd be along the lines of 'an idiotic remark'.

Thugbot1874400d ago

The way it’s worded it’s a bit misleading but being that this sentence doesn’t account for the games to come, “must sell 500,000 units of every PlayStation 3 game in order to turn a profit.” If they had to sell 500,000 units of every single game that came out they would almost never reach a profit because not every game sells close to that. Therefore they are talking about at current time with the current amount of systems available on the market today. Currently they have 16 games to date available, which would mean 8,000,000 games. Going off Sony’s information of having released 1 million consoles (I know reports have said less but we don’t know how much less.) That would mean everyone that owns a console with have to buy 8 of the available titles or an attach rate of about 8 (maybe a little more if you cont accessories like controllers). I’m sure you can agree they looking at the actual math and knowing the PS3 will drop price and more units will be sold and more games will be released, they are talking about the PS3’s life cycle. Think you should read a bit more before calling people idiots but looking at how many people agreed it shows about the same low level knowledge coming from the PS3 fanboy base.

calderra4400d ago

Gundam is "selling well"?
Come on.

Lex Luthor4400d ago

As TopGamer has said before sony fanboys hardly buy Playstation Games, which means a terrible attach rate. There is no way they will be able to shift that many games; especially if they are terrible(P$3 launch titles.)

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The story is too old to be commented.