IGN: Most Anticipated PC Games of E3 2008

E3 may not be the bonanza it was in years past, but this year's show should at least reveal some new info on a few anticipated titles. With mammoth companies such as Activision-Blizzard pulling out of the show's lineup, though, you can't help but be concerned for the show's future. Will people still care in two or three years' time if companies with the reach of Blizzard hold their own private events to make big announcements? Will E3 still be the event people look to for all the industry's biggest news, or merely more of an minor blip where readers see a slightly increased number of previews on games they already know about?

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MK_Red3732d ago

Nice, this is why I love IGN so much because they always choose the best ones. Fallout 3 number 1 baby.

Bolts3731d ago

LOL will your Fallout fanboism ever take a day off? In every Fallout article you're literally gushing with effection. I love Fallout too but on the PC Fallout 3 is really a console game with mods, we both know that if Fallout 3 is a PC game it'll be completely different. This article is about PC games. With that in mind its a split between Empire: Total War and Spore. I suppose L4D could edge them out if you prefer shooters instead of strategy games.

MK_Red3731d ago

Well, actually my Fallout 3 steam vanished when Diablo 3 was announced and I saw Diablo in its fully isometric glory and lost interest in the FPS, Bethesda developed Fallout 3 but since then, the Diablo 3 effect has gone and I got back to my motto that "Fallout 3 is not the real Fallout 3. It's a FPS spin-off of Fallouts and while it can never be Fallout good, it can be decent on its own".

Just like BioShock. It was not System Shock 2 but in our current market filled with casual and military shooters, BioShock was the best and so, hopefully Fallout 3 will be :)

mepsipax3731d ago

brother I know what you mean, I hate when games that were originally made on the PC get the console treatment, let's take oblivion for an example, I bought oblivion on the PC because I bought morrowind on the PC and didn't want it on the 360 because I am afraid of change, but oblivion was the biggest piece of sh!t port I've ever seen to the PC, I have a top of the line PC and still when an animal came in my area the framerate dropped all because of stupid inefficient lazy coders, I don't care if Fallout 3 is amazing I will still hate it if Bethesda gives me a lousy port, I am also worried they will consolfy the inventory screens, god damn, I hate this, I own all consoles but when it comes down to shooters I either want them on the PC or on the Wii (metroid 3 only) Oh and don't get me started on Bioshock MK, won't even say anything, but like I've said before I would enjoy Fallout 3 more if it wasn't called fallout 3, if they named it Fallout:<insert clever title> or a post-apocalyptic shooter in the style of the fallout series. but no it's trying to claim the Fallout 3 throne and probably contradict the fallout cannon (not that it was airtight anyway)
BTW I think STALKER should be higher.

fermcr3731d ago

Yep... nice collecion of PC games :)

mistertwoturbo3731d ago

Strange how the PS3 anticipated or the 360 anticipated articles have a lot higher interest.

Poor PC games.

fermcr3731d ago

@mistertwoturbo "Strange how the PS3 anticipated or the 360 anticipated articles have a lot higher interest. Poor PC games. "

Well, that's because this site is made by 1% of PC gamers, 49% of console fanboys and 50% console fanbabies.

Bolts3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

The ratio of console vs PC gamers on this site is easily 10 to 1 so duh. Shouldn't be a shock since N4G is tailor made for the console war. Plus the PC doesn't have fanboys, only gamers.