X360 preview: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

While the Mortal Kombat series has often been derided for its so-called lack of innovation, in reality the series has seen a revolution of change throughout its history. Though its cast of characters has been expanded more through storage limitations than anything else (did you know, for instance, that the 'real' robot warrior was Sektor?), Ed Boon and his team have delivered more than their fair share of significant gameplay changes. The ability to run at will in 1995, adopting a three-tier moveset for each character in 2002, dipping their toe into general action come 2005, all to significant critical acclaim too. Alongside multiple tier arenas, a smorgasbord of finishing moves and attempts at full-on RPG recreations of Outworld's particular brand of lawlessness, the team's reputation for resting on its laurels is clearly a wholly unwarranted one. What better way to cement this, then, than completely blindsiding the entire industry with a collaboration about as unlikely as Mario versus Sonic. Oh wait, that whole thing. GTA IV: Jack Thompson Edition? Yeah, that'll do

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