Intel's Gelsinger Sees Clear Path To 10nm Chips

CRN writes: "Intel (NSDQ:INTC) sees a "clear way" to manufacturing chips under 10 nanometers and when the semiconductor industry transitions to 450mm silicon wafers around 2012, the number of companies that run their own fabs will drop into the single digits. Those were just the first of a series of predictions Intel's Pat Gelsinger rattled off for media gathered in San Francisco Monday in a preview of celebrations surrounding the chip giant's 40th anniversary next month.

Intel marks its founding July 18, commemorating the date in 1968 when Fairchild Semiconductor physicists Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore struck out on their own to found Integrated Electronics, Intel for short."

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Lord Anubis3696d ago

i would like to see that in my lifetime

richie007bond3696d ago

Yeah i would say we are only about 5 years or so away from seeing this amazing leap in technology,just think of the possibilities.....

thereapersson3696d ago

I bet you could get away with using a stock heatsink fan and still overclock like crazy.

mirroredderorrim3696d ago

My dream is to see computers on a chip before I break on through the other side..