Best Buy Ad Shows Xbox 360 Price Drop

Kotaku writes: "Another retailer has shown that Microsoft is planning to drop the price of the Xbox 360 20GB model - formerly known as the "Pro" - to $299, as a Best Buy employee has forwarded us (obligatorily blurry) cell phone pics of an upcoming weekly ad. The model currently retails for a suggested price of$349."

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Homicide3733d ago

Pretty cool. Buying one for sure.

ChrisGTR13733d ago

LOL. looks like the fanboys dissagree with ya there.

meepmoopmeep3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

i'm still holding off for the (edit) Jasper chips. holiday season for me.

Bombomb3733d ago

you aign't buying nothing, well how about that...

Homicide3733d ago

LOL! Yeah, it must be my fans ;)

Good point meep. Do you when those are coming out? Aren't they called Jasper though? I want one by September for Infinite Undiscovery.

ruibing3733d ago

I'm gonna wait until the one with an integrated (CPU + GPU) chipset architecture (I believe it's either codenamed Jasper or Valhalla) comes out.

meepmoopmeep3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

i heard the Falcon chip 360's are coming out in Sept.

edit: oh crap, yeah, the Jasper chips, not falcon, my bad.

Homicide3733d ago

Thanks meep. I'll wait for September then. I'll buy it alongside with IU. :)

ChrisGTR13733d ago

i wouldnt count on those coming out anytime soon you know, MS dosent have a good track record for hardware. (no not RROD) but the first time they used the 65 nm chips it was suppost to launch in summer of 06.. but it got delayed all the way till summer 07 i think..thats when they started appearing on shelves. if i were you id just get it now, the rrod issue is long gone since a good while back. the new chips are shure to be delayed again and wont be out till summer 09.

morganfell3733d ago


mistertwoturbo3733d ago

Morganfell, read at the bottom.

"Update: Several Gamestop employees have altered us that the retailer has been running this refurb deal for the past month or so, thus negating anything it has to do with the rumored price-drop Xbox 360. Nothing to see here! Move along, move along."

morganfell3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

No you should go back and read at the bottom. What was said in no way negates the fact that the price drop 360's are possibly refurbs. It covers Gamestop and that is it. In fact it seems to reinforce the fact that refurbs sales will now move onto a larger scale.

Organic_Chemistry3732d ago

300 for an unreliable POS is still not worth it. MS can drop the price all they want, but the xbox franchise is untrustworthy and known to fail. Why take the gamble and throw your money away? If you want to spend 300 on a box that wont work, give me your money and i'll ship you a shoebox painted white with a giant red ring around it,


After owning both a PS3 and a broken Xbox, I'd say dish out the money for the better PS3, reliable and trustworthy, bigtime!

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TheExodus3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

It will be interesting to see what happens to 360 sales in NA after the price cut. IMO the 360 should have been at $299 last year when PS3 had no traction & Nintendo was making 1/10th as many Wiis as consumers were scrambling for.

tojfs79313733d ago

199.95 at this point in time.

mistertwoturbo3733d ago

$199.99 for a 360 pro? Gimme two.

zapass3733d ago

nah... don't even bother.

Aclay3733d ago

Even if the Xbox 360 20GB price ends up being $100 dollars more expensive than the 40GB PS3, the PS3 is still very justifiable because of the Built in WiFi and Built in Blu-ray.

If you buy a Xbox 360 20GB at $299 and buy the Xbox 360 Wifi Adapter add-on that costs around $99 bucks, you are going to end up spending literally the same amount for a 40GB PS3 and you haven't even gotten the Blu-ray with that 20GB Xbox 360, and let's not forget that you have to buy batteries for Xbox 360 controller too, and let's not forget that you have to pay $50 bucks for Xbox Live just to play against other people Online.

Xbox 360 20GB- $299.99
Wifi Adapter- $99.99
Xbox Live- $50.00

Total Cost- $449.98

The PS3 has everything built in as well as the Blu-ray for a cheaper price. The Xbox 360's should be way cheaper if you ask me, the least Microsoft could do at this point is include the WiFi adapter with the console or have built in WiFi or something.

Tunerboy87323733d ago

aww did you forget that you will also have to upgrade that measly 40GB Hard Drive since of all the ridiculous game installations?How about the fact that Blu Rays are $30 & up when I can get 2 DVD's or more for the same price.Maybe u forgot that Xbox Live is 100X better than that thing they call PSN?The last time I checked a Wifi adapter wastnt required for Live there is a ethernet cable bundled with the Xbox 360 pro.Don't act like a fanboy if you cant back nothin up junior.

dragunrising3733d ago

I have a 20 gig Xbox 360 and didn't see the need for a Wireless Adapter. Guess I wanted faster internet gaming through Ethernet eh? You can dock the $100 because most people don't buy the Wireless adapter as it is overpriced. If you DO want it, and have money, you CAN buy it. The option is there bud. If you don't game online, subtract $50 as well. Granted, once the 360 has built in WiFi, I might buy the next version of it at a cheaper price.

mistertwoturbo3733d ago

Aclay... really... this has nothing to do with the PS3. A lot of people know the PS3 is a really good value. But Sony needs to drop the price to $349 to compete.

Bombomb3733d ago

thiose that want ps3 will go to the article that states

"Best Buy Ad Shows PS3 Price Drop"

wait a minute I don't think there is one or will see one anytime soon.

why you trying to convince others to buy a ps3,

maybe they have an interest clicking on this article unlike your hidden agenda and propagander

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Dark General3733d ago

I'll definitely be picking me up one soon. Sucks that the wi-fi adapter add-on is so high though. I need wireless.

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