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Submitted by vasilisk 2778d ago | review

TalkingAboutGames Review: Mass Effect (PC)

TalkingAboutGames writes: "Mass Effect for the PC is a beautiful, beautiful game.

It's amazing what a 12GB data install will do to almost completely eradicate texture pop-in issues. Throw in a nice video card, and Mass Effect becomes a visual treasure, with stunning graphics and a solid framerate.

But while the PC version of Mass Effect makes for great eye candy, the actual game is still a less than stellar experience that is lacking in a few areas. While the texture pop-in problems that plagued the Xbox 360 experienced have been mostly eliminated, the other issues in the game are still there. It doesn't live up to its own potential and barely meets the bar that the game sets for itself. Ultimately, Mass Effect's PC release feels just as incomplete as the Xbox 360 version." (Mass Effect, PC) 8/10

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