24 Hours Later… Sony Still Working on Firmware 2.40

It's been a full 24 hours since the new firmware 2.40 was pulled from the update servers. Loot Ninja heard from Sony yesterday that they were looking into the issue, but that's about it. A post on PlayStation.Blog saying the same was put up yesterday around 7:30pm ET. Nothing else has been said. What's the deal?

Loot Ninja spoke with Sony's Jeff Rubenstein who confirmed work is still being done to fix the issues. "We're still examining the cause of the problem. We'll announce as soon as we are ready to resume the system version update."

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Ducati3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

I have 2.4 running sweetly on my NZ-Spec 60Gig (Upgraded to 320 GIg), along with the SSHD trophys patch. I hope they get it sorted quickly for all those that have had issues since the upgrade.

drunkpandas3735d ago

I upgraded fine right away on my office PS3 as well. Waiting for the PS3 in my living room...

Polluted3735d ago

[email protected] PS3. You're a lucky guy. Seriously, though, 24 hours to sift through millions of lines of code looking for some bug that may or may not be there is not a very long time.

drunkpandas3735d ago

Being the Editor-in-Chief at Loot Ninja, I need to have a gaming setup in my office for during the day and when my wife is watching tv in the living room :)

fusionboxer3735d ago

If you eat fruit before it's ripe what do you get? Yea that bitter taste because it's still young and hasn't developed yet. If your patient and wait till it's ripe then you get treated to some sweet ass fruit.

I may already have 2.4 and in my case it's working great, but I'd hate for other gamers to pick it up only to find it busts their system.

You know like turning a joyous occasion into a scarring one.

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kalistyles3735d ago

Got mine in the morning yesterday. I Have 5 trophies so far in Stardust. Hopefully it comes soon for all you guys that don't have it yet.

drunkpandas3735d ago

Same here, except I'm sitting on 4 trophies. I hadn't played SSHD in a while, so it's fun getting back to it.

Expy3735d ago

For the very few people who actually encountered any problems it shows a lot how Sony is dedicated to working with its userbase to resolve any issues as soon as they arise.

Even though the problem was very contained (as opposed to how the media tries to portray it) Sony's willing to look into these issues.

drunkpandas3735d ago

Agreed. Bubbles for you. In all reality, I think the number of people affected here is probably the same number of people who get bricked 360's at dashboard updates. It's a small percentage, but Sony doesn't want it happening to anyone.

3735d ago
Bnet3433735d ago

Well, its funny how that PR guy from Sony dissed Xbox Live once FW 2.4 came out (I actually agree with some of the things he said though), yet they had problems getting it to people and still haven't fixed it. Perfect example of self ownage. Things like this happen and they are expected to get fixed in a quick and orderly fashion, but Sony can't seem to figure it out so I guess the best bet is to wait.

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