IGN: Too Human: Baldur's Arsenal

A warrior without a weapon is a sad warrior indeed. With 18 basic weapon types and hundreds of thousands of weapon variants and types in Too Human, it's safe to say that Baldur won't have that problem. It will take players hours and hours to collect the best of the best, so IGN took a shortcut and went straight to the game's developers, Silicon Knights, for info on the history and variety of the weapons you'll come across. Henry Sterchi, Director of Game Design, and Ken McCulloch, Director of Content, gave IGN a few moments of their time to fill us in.

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MyNutsYourChin3736d ago

This game is going to be awesome. It'll definately hold me over until Diablo III releases.

fusionboxer3736d ago

I'm currently a ps3 only user, but I can't deny i'm semi excited for this one. I'm a gauntlet seven sorrows, baldurs gate, Monster Hunter and champions of norrath fan.

The previews done by mtv multiplayer and Kotaku both kind of called the game boring, repetitive, and short. Oh and that it's plagued with minor issues, but regardless of what's said I bet it's worth a rent.

I like that it has online co op, offers a vast list of weapons, and offers some nice visuals during combat, but hopefully the depth is there. I can see this game becoming a huge cult hit among gamers like myself, but nothing more.

Then again I can see it taken pretty for if silicon knights keeps up with DLC. Like quests and new bosses.

MyNutsYourChin3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

The problem with the bad reviews this game is getting is that Kotaku and the other major reviewers decided early on that this game sucked but their decision was based on an alpha build. Then Epic decided to totally stiff-arm Silicon Knights, a lawsuit ensued, people began to dislike Silicon Knights more because they were confused about why they would sue Epic. No one understood how Epic totally f*cked Silicon Knights over. How could this developer sue the devs that made Gears of War (a great game but totally over-hyped) and now the reviewers and gamers take their frustration out on Silicon Knights by bashing a totally worthy game by nit-picking and dissecting it until it's "just another action game".

I stopped listening to reviewers a long time ago because in my opinion they're filled with over-criticism, arrogance, and are way too personally biased. Kotaku especially.

kewlkat0073735d ago

I'm still excited for this game....I just want it to be technically sound.