E3 Countdown Begins...Time for all 3 platforms to show their hands writes: As all gamers know, the biggest and most interesting game conference is just around the corner. As is always the case, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will bringing out the big guns and showing the world why their console is the best. Expect big new game announcements, new peripherals, firmware upgrades, movie services and the list goes on.

Check out just a few of the rumored announcements that are making the rounds:

* PS3 and Xbox 360 have motion control on the way
* Halo 4 is in development already by Bungie
* Final Fantasy XIII will be there
* Alan Wake may be there
* the Xbox 360 will introduce a motion controlled dashboard (like seen in Minority Report)

And the list goes on. This is the big industry event that sends game journalists into an over-stimulated frenzy. Every year there are surprises that catch everyone off guard and the anticipation for the event can be felt throughout the gaming community. You'd be hard pressed to find a gaming site that doesn't have full blown, insane coverage of E3.

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