Sony Gives Old Star Wars Galaxies Players A Free Month to Return

"Last month, we had a story about Sony giving players that had left Everquest II, the opportunity to return for about a month for free. Seems that this process may come about for all the MMORPG games that Sony Online Entertainment is handling as I just got an email today telling me my account for Star Wars Galaxies has been reactivated from June 28th to July 31th."

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MaximusPaynicus3669d ago

...and I have a month to kill, so why the hell not.

If they expect me to re-up my subscription, though...

PS3ALLDAY1223669d ago

you got to love sony every thing is allways free i love it

myabsolution3669d ago

Oh ye oblivious one...

Sony Online Entertainment ruined SWG, made 90% of the gamerbase leave the game (truth), constantly lied to their playerbase, and stole everyone's money.

Best of all they wont revert their changes that made everyone leave in first place, theyre stubborn and a terrible company.

So 30days free isnt much of a nice gesture.