New Resistance 2 details writes:"Insomniac Games have revealed some new information on their upcoming first person shooter, Resistance 2. Basically they said that while creating the new big monster, named Leviathan, they had to think about the surrounding areas and extend the range that the engine displays. Levels are now much bigger and in scope and draw space compared to Resistance: Fall of Man."

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Lifendz3734d ago

You had me at Resistance 2, Insomniac.

pharmd3734d ago

"R2 is so a much purchase for me
You had me at Resistance 2, Insomniac"

what the hell is that.....

anyway, yeah i've had this preordered since january, counting the days!!!

toughNAME3734d ago

Oh man I forgot to come back and edit this comment...ugh between this and the forums I'm so overworked.

lmao...what is this 2 to 5 bubbles in 24 hours? You guys are crazy

JBaby3433733d ago

Ahh Fo Sho. Bring it on Insomniac. These guys so rock. Resistance 2 all the way. This game will own all.

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chaosatom3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

bigger, better and more badass.

GiantEnemyCrab3733d ago

haha I see what you did there..

You just pulled a Sony.

JBaby3433733d ago

Exactly. Except this time it fits.

@crabby, what are you talking about? FAIL.

kalistyles3734d ago

Sounds like we have a winner on our hands folks! Can't wait!

Rice3733d ago

just like the boston celtics....

Lucreto3734d ago

I just made a story about the podcast and they basically confirmed Quest for Booty.

cmrbe3734d ago

Thats every males quest i believe.

flambeau3734d ago

All the info in the article is in the podcast.

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The story is too old to be commented.