GameSpot: FaceBreaker Hands-On

GameSpot: "The first thing you're likely to notice about FaceBreaker is the eccentric stable of boxers shown pummeling each other in any number of prerelease videos and screenshots. We certainly can't fault you for that--each character is dripping with style, from the Jack Black-inspired faux kung fu artist Steve to the suave lady killer Romeo. It's not until you get your hands on a controller that you discover FaceBreaker's hidden depth. Lurking behind two simple attack buttons is a stacking tier of increasingly effective special moves: a ping pong-like parry system and the ability to simply fight with one arm behind your back when you've mastered it all. We recently took part in our first hands-on session with FaceBreaker, getting a feel for these control mechanics while taking a look at the interesting boxer factory character-creation system."

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