Top Six Reasons to Avoid Steam Sales

Multiple times a year, a special time in every gamer’s life takes place. A time full of whimsy and joy to all alike, expressing love of the niche and mainstream all at wickedly absurd prices. Who are we kidding? The unavoidable utter bliss of a Steam sale snakes its way to the mouths of the majority, shrieking at the fruition of affordable classics and new ventures.

Where political and interpersonal differences corrode as [Critically praised Niche Indie / AAA Game] drops to 90% off! Scatter! Etch out the worst of Black Friday and torpedo those prices. Truly, Steam Sales unite the gaming public. Why should we shy away from our lord and savior, Gaben? Here’s a few things to consider.

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Jackhass1440d ago

I agree with #1. Steam sales always seem great, but then I barely play any of the games I buy.

crazychris41241440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Same here I have so many games that I need to start playing let alone finish them. They are good games too like South Park, Telltale's Walking Dead and much much much more. Just not enough time to play them all when new games and dlc keep on coming.

DarthZoolu1440d ago

i have a shit ton of steam games at least 40 I've played about 7 of them.

DragonbornZ1440d ago

I usually only buy games I know i'll get to.... I mean I bought 6 games, caved and bought 6 more the next day during that winter sale, but iv'e played each of em except for the Last Remnant. Keeps crashing after the opening cutscene :/

Nwah1440d ago

Buy games you actually want. Don't just buy it because it's there. It's really that simple.

ATi_Elite1440d ago

Easy said, hard to do!

OMG game xyz is only $2.99 buybuybuy

Reefskye1440d ago

I've never once bought a game on a steam sale that I didn't want to play if you have then well that your own fault really.

Fro_xoxo1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

obviously.. you end up with 1000 games you don't actually play.. yet you continue to buy more.

SteamPowered1440d ago


"Oh no, too many cheap games" How this is a complaint is beyond me. I love Steam Sales because it gives me a chance to support the Devs that may not get the exposure of the AAA behemoths.

The ONLY drawback to Steam Sale is that its always a gamble on sales. One day its 33% off and literally the next day it will be 66% off. So even though the game is on sale, I hesitate just in case it drops further.

Canary1440d ago

"Oh, no, I saved X money when I could have saved Y money" isn't really much of a downside.

SteamPowered1440d ago

You pretty much got my point about the first world problems. They arent really problems.

Psychotica1440d ago

Only games I bought this past Steam sale were gifts for family members. For me there wasn't anything on sale I wanted that I didn't already have. I still have games from the 2013 Steam sales that I haven't even clicked on to play yet.

Canary1440d ago

Generally speaking, 1-2 years worth of Steam sales is usually sufficient to burn most people out on them, simply by virtue of that being how long it generally takes to accumulate every single game one feels like ever buying.

Sans new releases. But most of those suck lately anyway.

tee_bag2421440d ago

Kind of true. I've purchased most games I want including the games I've had on consoles over about 2 years so I can play them at decent frame rates.

They new releases like Dead Rising 3, Assetto Corsa, Farcry 4 and stuff I wait until they are about $10-20.

Picked Dead Rising 3 up for $20 from a cheap cd keys site. Couldn't hold out for a sale.

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The story is too old to be commented.