Secret Agent Clank QJ.NET review - Shaken, not stirred

QJ.Net writes: "Last week saw the launch of Secret Agent Clank, the latest in the Ratchet & Clank series of games. High Impact Games has taken some bold steps with this release, with the introduction of several game innovations that would look right at home in a Bond film.

So, is agent Clank's latest adventure really all that and more? We won't spoil it just yet, but you're welcome to read through our blow-by-blow review, available for your eyes only below.

Perhaps the biggest innovation Secret Agent Clank offers to the Ratchet & Clank franchise is its focus on stealth rather than combat. Much like another well-dressed operative you may know, Clank will have to do much of his work in the shadows, which leads to some interesting new gameplay elements.

For starters, you're given several means of sneaking about. One way involves keeping out of sight, and using several indicated hiding spots as you attempt to clear a room. The other way, which becomes available when you get the Holomonocle, is to disguise yourself as one of the goons. Speaking of stealth, we'll be moving on to the next portion - assassinations."

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