Gamefly Top 10 Games for the Week!

The Xbox 360 Gamefly members are having their way with the charts! Rainbow Six Vegas takes the top spot this week! Looks like people are anticipating the release of Trauma Center on the Nintendo Wii also. Surprisingly, Call of Duty 3 takes the top spot on the PS3 chart. I guess some people have actually bought the PS3 to play games instead of succumbing to the almighty dollar...

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MicroGamer4372d ago

in another article here, it was said that sales of Superman Returns were dragging EA down, but for every system it was released on, it is not worse than third in sales against some strong competition. That doesn't sound like a failure to me.

willud4skins4372d ago

hmmm a little slip for gears of war

G_CodeMonkey4372d ago

Yes, its that good. I can't even get back to the single player as the multiplayer is so great.. gCM

Anerythristic264372d ago

So every game in the Top 10 for cross platform is a 360 game ? How is there not a PS2 game on that list ?

wulfgar884372d ago

theres no way Zelda didnt make the Wii top 10....thats just wrong...seriously!

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