Silent Hill: Downpour Delisted, HD Collection Unavailable on PSN

After the long stream of delisting that happened this last week, it seems more games have left various digital storefronts.


Our original headline read that Downpour was delisted from both Xbox Live and PSN, but the game was never in fact available on PSN. The game was indeed delisted from Xbox Live today, however.

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1203d ago
GokuSolosAll1203d ago

Weird. I wanna get them someday digitally. These reasons are why digital should never happen 100%.

paul-p19881202d ago

Once you download a digital game it is on your HDD forever, no need to worry.
I do however agree with your sentiment if your HDD then fails and you try to redownload it (although some of the services keep the game hidden in the background so people who have already bought it can redownload it but new customers cannot buy it)

Iltapalanyymi1203d ago

this is one of the reasons i mainly buy physical.