PSP Rises, DS Falls in Japan (Last 6 Months)

Famitsu publisher Enterbrain shared a report today on the first half of the year in games over in Japan. It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who keeps up on Japanese sales trends, but the PSP was the star of the show.

Sony sold 1.96 million PSP units over the first six months of 2008. This put it atop the hardware heap -- the first time the system has managed this feat for sales taken over a half year period. Perhaps more notable is that the system doubled its sales over the same period one year ago.

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PS360WII3611d ago

Good job on hardware sales right there

crimsonfox3611d ago

has really sold enough.i have got 2 of them well 3 the old one and two lites one for me and the old ball and chain i don't think they have to worry about it for a while plus when crono trigger comes out i know like 10 people who are gonna get one so we will see about that

PS360WII3611d ago

yeah there are plenty of games still coming out

Homicide3611d ago

I'm buying a DS for Chrono and The World Ends with You. Can't wait for it.

Homicide3611d ago

That was an incredible turn of event for PSP. Monster Hunter really helped the system. Both handhelds are great. I hope more PSP games are announced at E3. The next game I'm looking forward to is Dissidia, and that comes out next year or so.

Iceman100x3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

Who is this idiot nintendo dominates all over the world, and for the past few years the psp has been in the dumps. This is just basically another guy that likes sweating sony's balls, so nintendo won the generation already making any mention of sony doing good pointless.

lizard812883611d ago

people are buying PSPs because everyone in japan already owns a DS....