An Open Letter to Diablo III Fanboys

When Diablo III was announced at Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational, Diablo fanboys went into an overjoyed riot, flooding message boards and websites with talk of how awesome it was to have their beloved franchise back, and how gorgeous the game looked in the demo that was shown to the fans.

There are some, however, who feel that Diablo's new, modern 3D approach is too colorful, and would prefer that Blizzard scrap all the work put into the game in order to give it a more "gritty" and "gothic" feel.

This letter is addressed to them.

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Charlie26883732d ago

Sorry but no, this ended up being the "Open later to Diablo III fanboys by a another fanboy" which just makes things worse

the majority of the topics he SO "professionally" replied have already been debated to DEATH among the numerous forums on sites and a lot of solution and ideas were found a lot of which don't involve the "ZOMG they cantz remakez the gamez!" all the counter fanboys are using and all the even WORSE exaggeration those counter fanboys are saying

so at the end fanboishly replaying to points a lot of the idea creators already move on from its kind of silly and kind of says this counter fanboy is a little bit stuck in day 1 of the complains and doesn't visit a lot of forums this is being debated in

mariusmal3732d ago

this was a brain dead person sending an open letter to another brain dead person.

i prefer this new color setting. if i didnt' liked it i would never be signing petitions and stuff. im just happy to be getting diablo 3 after all this years when i had abandoned all hope of getting it.

toughNAME3732d ago

He called me a fanboy...delete this title mods.

Xi3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

the more I read these keep colour remove colour posts the more it seems to be 2 groups of fanboys fighting over spilled milk

Diablo fanboys - Diablo is a gaming masterpiece leave it alone, remove colour all that colour, make it more gothic!

Blizard fanboys - Blizzard is the best developer ever, they can't make any mistakes therefore their design decisions is good, leave colour!

While I personally feel that blizzard is painting themselves into a corner by deciding to debut everything with a bit more of a cartoon like feel. SC2 has become a bit more gritty and "real", everything seems a bit too clean in diablo, armor is bulky like in wow. I also have to applude blizzard for not making everything monochrome like everyone else. Yes we're allowed an opinion to, but we need to step back and wait till we see what else is in the game, and what blizzard decides to do. Who knows, maybe what they showed us was the first chapter and as the game progresses everything becomes more dark.

Many of the fans were booing valve for tf2 and now everyone thinks it's one of the best looking games to date with regards to it's style.

all i can say is that we need to relax a little about this and let developers make the game they want.

Lionsguard3732d ago

D3 will be released and it will be successful despite the piss and moans of a few fanboys. The only thing that will please them would be if D3 was actually just an expansion for D2 with the same graphics and gameplay as before because anything new is forbidden territory and taboo.

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