Gamedaily: Alone in the Dark Review

Gamedaily writes: "Sixteen years after its PC debut, Alone In the Dark is back. It thrusts tired (and surprisingly young for his old age) detective Edward Carnby against a frightening supernatural force. However, you'll discover that the monsters are only part of the problem.

Carnby's adventure begins with a kidnapping, as a mysterious figure named Crowley orders one of his thugs to execute him atop a skyscraper. Before the hit man finishes the job, a supernatural creature attacks him. Carnby wanders around, realizing he suffes from a bit of amnesia. However, he's got no time to collect his thoughts. The building crumbles around him, innocent people die and a supernatural force hopes to terrorize New York City. Soon, he finds himself battling fiends on the street and going into Central Park in the hopes of stopping this threat."

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