Gamedaily: Hellboy The Science of Evil Review - Not even Hellboy fans will enjoy this by-the-numbers and bland adventure

Gamedaily writes: "With Hellboy II: The Golden Army set to arrive in theaters next week, Konami has a video game to go along with it. Hellboy: The Science of Evil puts players in control of the Hell escapee turned government agent as he battles enemies across six separate time eras to restore peace to the world. It sounds like a fun time, but this game is one of the worst of the year.

In it, you play as Hellboy, who must stop Hermann Von Klempt, a vicious madman who unleashes an evil force upon the world. There to lend a hand (if needed) is his girlfriend Liz Sherman, a feisty fire starter, and Abe Sapien, an underwater being who specializes in telepathic communication."

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