GameArgus Review: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Xbox 360)

GameArgus writes: "What happens when you take a popular music game franchise, focus it primarily on one band, and bring it out in the middle of the summer at full price right before your next full sequel? Guitar Hero: Aerosmith happens, that's what. While the game plays as solid as any in the series thus far, there's too little content and too much of a price to keep this from being a must-have title.

Centered around the forming and highlight moments of the band's career, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith's main draw is, not surprisingly, the career mode. Playing through the game's six venues, ranging from Max's Kansas City to the Rock and Roll Hall and Fame, players can watch documentary-style videos that describe how they got to that particular point in their career.

From there, two songs from bands that either inspired or influenced Aerosmith in some way is played before the band comes out themselves to play two songs on the setlist, followed by an encore."

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