IGN: Pre-E3 2008: Hands-on Order Up!

With Cooking Mama readily available for DS and Wii, Nintendo fans have very likely already sat behind the virtual grill, but development studio SuperVillain Studios and publisher Zoo Games are hoping that a unique twist on the sub-genre will woo players back -- and it might. In Order Up!, you will take on the role of a budding chef, and as such you will be required to churn out a variety of uniquely tasty dishes on a regular basis. In contrast to the Cooking Mama series, however, which holds your hand through the food preparation process, Order Up! challenges you to multitask, managing multiple dishes at any given moment, and even assigning recipes to sioux chefs. You'll need to be speedy, too, since you don't want to keep your customers waiting. As a result, the experience is much more relentless and intense than Cooking Mama.

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