First Mega Man 9 screenshots

Capcom published the first Mega Man 9 screenshots. Check them out.

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Silogon3669d ago

Pretty lame, I've made Megaman games that look better than this using rom hacks. WOW! I should sumbit my work.

ChickeyCantor3669d ago

It looks exactly like the old ones.
You really are on crack.
And when you say " I've made Megaman games that look better than this using rom hacks" you didnt touch the graphical part.
You just rearranged tilesets.

Dont fool yourself.
Someone please shoot this bird

Silogon3669d ago

Sidar, you're wrong.

I can upload 2 mega man games I have made myself 1 full one and another level test. I created actual bits using the full version of Waffle dog.

nintendojunkie283669d ago

It's supposed to look retro like the old megaman titles for nes,moron...I realize your a pathetic young gamer that has no idea what gaming is all about but surely even an idiot like you can grasp this concept.Also... seriously go on ...why do you always show up on the wii sections of clearly hate nintendo ...we get it.

fusionboxer3669d ago

But I semi agree with mr. megaman games dev over here. The game DOES look like the originals that I played religiously, but that doesn't mean I like it.

Things have changed since 1989 and I say they touch the thing up a little. I mean I know retro is the new "in" thing now, but comon. I loved Megaman Powered up, which offered the old school gameplay with improved visuals along with others like super stardust hd, pixel junk monsters, and i'm really looking forward to bionic commando.

Not totally pleased with all the Contra remakes, but I'd love for devs to remake the original.

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mepsipax3669d ago

I love the retro look, but I hope it's not just a standard megaman, I really love when new games combine a retro look with a new gameplay style, I just want IR cursor aiming and maybe a few cool motion controls.

Product3669d ago

I really dont care its a new megaman which with other 8-bit games its not about graphics its about the uniqueness of bosses aswell as the puzzles and weapons.People who dont like 8-bit or are to young to appreciate it shouldnt even post on these topics.All the spammers need to leave.(siligon im looking at you)

sajj3163669d ago

I can dig the retro but its not the best way to sell Wiiware ... isn't that why Nintendo has Virtual Console?

Bnet3433669d ago

I sorry, but we're in 2008, not the late 80's.

ChickeyCantor3669d ago

And thats why this is so awesome ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.