Ripten Xbox 360 Review: System Error - E 74

Ripten writes: "After moving house just a few short days ago, and with no internet to speak of, I was settling down to a nice relaxing week away from the daily buzz of the net to get some quality time with Beijing 2008, which Sega kindly sent me to review. However, it appears Microsoft had other plans. Read on for my full review of System Error - E 74.

Unlike the highly popular and successful Red Ring of Death or its sequel, Disc Read Error, System Error – E 74 (SEE74) is a surprisingly hard title to get hold of. To get yourself a copy, you need to have an older model Xbox 360 (1 or 2 weeks old should do) as well as a game you want to play. In my case, my review copy of Beijing 2008 and my Xbox Premium."

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Homicide3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

First RROD, then disc read error, now this? What a sh1t console.

dachiefsman3580d ago

i would venture to say that a 8 bit nintendo or 16 bit genesis are sh|t consoles but hey what do i know.

I will say this I am on my 3rd 360 and 3rd Ps2. Haven't had the PS3 long enough for it to fail but I am sure it will.

juuken3580d ago

Is that right dachiefsman? How is it that I reconsidered getting a 360 just this minute? I bought my PS3 August of last year. It still runs very well, and I use it for all of my PS2/PS3 games. I was going to get a 360 for Ninja Gaiden 2 and a few rpg's but I changed my mind. Now, I'm actually getting a Nintendo Wii for No More Heroes and a few other games as well.

The 360 is a piece of sh*t. I'm glad I changed my mind, otherwise I would have been cussing at customer service.

Now I feel much better.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3580d ago

If people treat their consoles with respect then they won't break down i think???(well apart from xBox 360's!!!) ;-D None of mine have???(PS1+PS2+PS3) Over 10 years of playing PlayStation to. Remember that F00L who was shaking his PS3 about on youTube or somewhere??? Er just treat it right and it will last!!!;)

dachiefsman3580d ago

talking about my arse really? Why would I make something up? How would that value me seriously. I don't care if you think the 360 is a piece of sh*t.

The fact is things break and it wasn't a user error with my PS2.

Can someone explain the video below? I am sure this individual screwed up his 400+ dollar machinery on purpose.

dachiefsman3580d ago

well i never had an issue with MS customer support neither have my friends. Maybe you should have hung up and called back.

I was on and off the phone within 10 minutes of talking to someone. Got a different box within 2 weeks.

Xlll3580d ago

@dachiefsman - Sad thing is my Nintendo and SNES still work to this day. Unlike that pile of melting plastic you call a "360".

dachiefsman3580d ago

melting..mine is working. It is not like you own one so why do you care.

KBDuB3580d ago

So.. You got your PS3 in August of last year, you say? And, it still runs great, eh? Cool. That's nice. I heard your update is working well, too? I'm glad to hear that.

But, you decided against owning a 360? That's too bad. You see, I've had my 360 since launch, yes, it's true. And, what do you know.. it still runs, yes, it's true. Fancy that, eh?

Well, it's a bummer that you won't be able to enjoy the great games coming out on ALL three(3) platforms, what a drag, darn.

t-0_ot-3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

How's your PS2? You only have one PS2, as well? Did you go through more than one PS2? I sure as hell did...

Bzone243580d ago

Don't let her fool you, junken was never going to get a 360. She just wanted justification for trolling all the Xbox topics.

Xlll3579d ago

@To_oT - Launch PS2 still kicking. As for my 2.40 update working just fine for me. So hows that GTA patch coming?

Mr Fancy Pants3579d ago

why people are trying to make the PS2 looks as like the defective percentage it's as high as the X360 it's beyond me... the true is that the X360 it's the console with most problems on the market ever but xbots keep supporting it because fanboyims blinds them.

remember the PS3 and all the hate of the media in the launch of the console? what was the cause of all that hate? the X360 it's the most unreliable console ever and no one cares...

dachiefsman3579d ago

@ Mr Fancy Pants
I didn't make a comparison. I was talking of personal experience.

AuToFiRE3579d ago

yes, the ps3 update is working fine, in fact more consoles on the 360 fail with updates than the PS3. also, dont forget what the article is.. not a place to mention a ps3 failure when it fails less than 0.5% total, compared to the 360s almost 40% failure rate TO THIS DAY

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morganfell3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Oooh what's the matter. People like you and pog, that would be you and you, want to approve forum posts about issues on the PS3 but this is an article. Don't like the content? I thought you were supposed to be tough. I guess not.

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The gaming GOD3580d ago

People call each other out here EVERYDAY. Nothing to whine about.

I mean be real, is some anonymous person that knows nothing about you calling you out something to stress over?

Anyway, I have a 360 but I never saw that error. But I don't play it as much as the ps3 so I can't say for sure whether that error is real or not

master pain3580d ago

you report him off topic when the 1st comment youve made was off topic itself?


reported as off topic >:(

master pain3580d ago

"look for my comments that are actually on topic"


"Okay Sony, we get it
fix your problems first...then blame others"

how is that on topic? where in this article he wrote about sony?

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GiantEnemyCrab3580d ago

Lol that was a light-hearted way to write a story about your console dying.

Moral of the story: Take care of your system better. Is it coincidence you were just "moving house"?

crck3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

But not as funny as Tor the host on the Gamespot podcast. He got 2 red-rings in 48 hours. His personal one red-ringed then he borrow a 360 from the Gamespot offices and that one red-ringed as well. Nov. 27th 2k8 will be the beginning of fun times. That's when the 3 year RROD warranties starts to expire on 360s.

morganfell3580d ago

I forgot about that. I am on my fourth - a new Halo edition - well it was new last year when it launched. I have had 3 lockups but no RROD...yet.