Assassin’s Creed: Unity – Glitch Montage

"Tyrannicon made a video, to be honest a funny glitch montage as Billy Hashtag looking only the positive side of things." - GamersPost

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DxTrixterz1413d ago

I think Ubisoft should have called it Bugity.

ChrisW1413d ago

Thanks Billy Hashtag! I'm no longer a hater due to your inspirational montage and dialogue!!!

PersonMan1413d ago

I have yet to encounter a glitch in Unity... is my game broken?

bixxel1413d ago

Nope. Me too. I got stuck in the wall only once. Guess our game's glitched to show no glitches? A new form of glitch i guess.

PersonMan1413d ago

I think people like to make a big deal over rare glitches and then post it all over the internet saying "this game is a broken mess" when in reality, most people probably won't encounter those glitches.

bixxel1411d ago

I remember a guy in bethforums playing Dishonored.And then the game glitched and he got stuck. Next thing I see is him posting the same screenshots all over the site bragging about "THIS GAME IS THE WORST!! I'm never going to buy another Bethesda game ever!!! etc..."