360 Minority Report Interface Drops Sony Capri Clue ???

TVG comes across an interesting Playstation development from the studio reportedly helping out Microsoft...

With recent reports alleging that Microsoft is looking to introduce a motion-sensitive Minority Report eqsue interface to the Xbox 360, TVG today fortuitously stumbled across some interesting information on the company reported to be helping with the task.

While browsing Schematic's website TVG came across an interesting link to the company's work with Sony Computer Entertainment. According to their website, Schematic were enlisted by Sony Computer Entertainment " explore how to expand their proprietary "Cross Media Bar" interface for richer and more complex media navigation... to create a forward-thinking prototype."

The work is listed under the 'Mobile Devices' heading suggesting a PSP update, or possibly something to do with the much rumoured PSP phone perhaps?

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toughNAME3700d ago

If Tom Cruise comes in to replace Bill Gates I'll be super pissed.

player9113700d ago

That's hilarious.

On the down side... I remember watching Minority report and while it looked cool... I do remember Tom Cruise requiring a dedicated room in which he flung his hands around like a spider monkey.

I don't know if I want to do this, just to change to a different page on my 360, when a simple tap of a button does the same thing.

I imagine if Tom Cruised used a 360 joystick to navigate his future machine it wouldn't have been as dramatic nor good movie making... but joysticks are popular because they allow relaxing in a comfy sofa.

jwatt3700d ago

I thought if anything uses the Minority report type feature it would be the ps3 with the ps Eye. Plus they had a video showing the whole concept.

MikeMichaels3700d ago

....Operation Creature Feature on the PSN, complete with minority report interface courtesy of the eyetoy.

You literally grab menu items and slid them up or down a virtual wheel of sorts, rub them to know, Eyetoy stuff.

Arkham3699d ago

This isn't a great version of the video, but it's viewable:

Can't remember where I first saw the downloadable HD version though.

power of Green 3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Sony fans *Me Too* attatude is comical. suuuure Sony is working on this or something like it when they can't even launch simple mondane features.

I think Sony will be more focused on HOME sence London Studio's had to cancel 2 AAA's just to get HOME fixed and launched in this decade(year).

3700d ago
3700d ago
cmrbe3700d ago

perhaps if you guys have a me too attitude your consoles would be alot more reliable.

power of Green 3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Cyruss always finds these half assed truths and either twists/edits them or preffers the ones that suit his agenda based on the assumptions attached, they always get debunked.

No offence to cyruss he seems like a good guy maybe a little too pro active when it comes to his PS3 support(trying to change popular opinion with forced news) by his posting behavior causes people to generally avoid his news posts because of there tabloid nature.

I wonder if this motion tech will show up durring E3?.

Egzekutor3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

For your information those 2 AAA titles are back on track.. and again in development. The crew working on 8 Days will increase from currently 64 to 100+ soon. Read some news..

You started talking about how SONY couldnt bring a good product ?
Well Microsoft sure did, it came with a free RROD ;) .

Dont even start talking about that cause i will smoke you on this topic.

Gorgon3700d ago

"For your information those 2 AAA titles are back on track.. and again in development. The crew working on 8 Days will increase from currently 64 to 100+ soon. Read some news.."

Actually Power of Green, poor soul he is, is right on this one. They were going to increase the number of people on Eight Days and TG3 but more recently Sony confirmed the cancelation of the two games.

Arkham3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Oh, PoG...

I guess you never saw this video from a couple years ago, eh?

There have been murmurs of an Eye-enhanced XMB project for a long time.

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cmrbe3700d ago

but i don't see how it would make navigation that much better than using a controller. Most likely you will need to use a perhperial to use it as in the case in Miniority Report. In that case it will be the same as using a controller but only cooler.

I would like to hear more info on this. It would be pretty cool for other applications as well.

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