TVG: Buzz! Quiz TV Review

TVG writes: "After a history of success on Sony's PS2, Buzz! makes a return on the PS3 with all the right improvements...

The eponymous Buzz could certainly rank up there amongst the best videogame characters of all time. Okay, perhaps he's not a Solid Snake, Tommy Vercetti, Samus, Master Chief, or Mario, but he's got a good shot at making a top 20. "Why?" We hear you cry, "Has TVG gone nuts?" Well, yes, but for very different reasons than our fondness for game characters.

If the questions and round types are the bricks of Buzz! games, then the quiz's host is the mortar. His cheesy appearance is a pastiche of every quiz show host you can think of, while his cutting put-downs are a satire on what actual game show hosts are probably thinking when they disingenuously remark, 'Ooohh, you were so close! Never mind, you still go home with the deluxe tea set.'"

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