Blizzard Confirms Diablo III "Beta" Footage is Fake

G4 "did what every self-respecting news outlet would do and reached out to our inside man at Blizzard for comment. Here's what he had to say:

"I took a quick glance at the video and it's very apparent to me that he's doing some kind of trick with the gameplay video we released, " The Blizzard Spokesperson said. "There is no 'beta' of the game yet. He doesn't truly know any 'secrets' about the game as he claims... We wouldn't choose a random guy on youtube recording from his living room as a vehicle of information for our games."

Myth: busted. Shame on you T2Darlantan. Shame on you indeed.

For more on T2-CHARLATAN (see what I did there?) be sure to watch the Gaming Update on tonight's all-new X-Play at 8 PM ET."

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donator3580d ago

And the laughing stock of the gaming industry award goes to...

MaximusPaynicus3580d ago

Well, I'll give him points for effort... but this is weak. I'd also have to question the authenticity of his "cancer" claims after this.