Most Underated Games of 2014

Dustin from Denkiphile: "2014 was a big year for the video game industry. Here are just a few titles released last year: Destiny, Metal Gear Soild : Ground Zeros, Super Smash Brothers, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Sunset Overdrive, I didn’t even scratching the surface. With that kind of line up, fantastic games are left in the dust, never played or looked into. Well, here at Denkiphile we want to acknowledge those games. Each member of our staff picked one game that they highly recommend you check them out before the release of the next big thing that’ll consume your time."

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GokuSolosAll1417d ago

"Denkiphile?" Someone chose that name?

DigitalRaptor1417d ago

“Denki” in Japanese means electricity or electronic goods. The suffix “-phile” modifies a word to form a word meaning one who has a penchant for something or likes something in particular over others. Hence, Denkiphile means one who has an affinity for electronic goods.

Der_Kommandant1417d ago

Wolfenstein and The Evil Within

medman1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I wish Transistor and Child of Light both sold more copies for their respective developers, though I can't call them underrated as both did well with critic reviews. Of the "smaller" budget titles that were released they were two of my favorites for 2014, no question.

GokuSolosAll1416d ago

I'd have got Transistor if it hit Vita. That's why I got Child of Light.