'Diablo III' Fans Start Petition To Keep New, Colorful Art Direction

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Yesterday we reported why Blizzard decided to alter the dark art style of the "Diablo" franchise and how this angered so many fans that they started a petition against the new, colorful world of "Diablo III."

However, other fans were angry that a petition was even made to ask Blizzard to change what they had done. So what did they do? They started a petition. Well, two of them, actually."

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Daver3667d ago

wth are those petitions... just wait.. and play the damn game when its gonna be release

Elginer3667d ago

is getting retarded LOL I love color come on man WTF just enjoy the game.

Tmac3667d ago

Diablo 3 is just sunshine, lollipops and gumdrop kisses seriously, way to copy and paste Blizzard lol.

mirroredderorrim3667d ago

Ugh. I'd rather go back to the darkness I had come to love. MFing, PVPing, Rushing, Duping.. I'd expect the new Diablo's direction to be guarded like a virgin queen, wearing a diamond chastity belt.

poopface13667d ago

the game is still as fun today as it was back then. Ill probaly play more tonite too, im addicted to d2.... again.

Charlie26883667d ago

So far it looks like the "change colors people" petition people are more organized and vastly outnumber the unorganized "keep the colors" petition people

Seriously how many "keep the colors" petition can they keep on making? its now like in 5 -_- shouldn't they concentrate on finding people to actually sing them? I mean almost all of the "keep" have not passed the 1000 signatures while the "change" one its almost around 30.000

and at the end...are ANY of the petition even gonna work?

more at 6! XD

mepsipax3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Only a handful of petitions ever work out in the end.
I've got an idea boys, lets make a petition to end petitions everywhere. tally ho!
Oh and I hate these stupid ass fans, that do this, they get a game that will be amazing and yet it will never be perfect, they always have to find something to pick at, just enjoy it it's a game, sure it the art direction may disappoint you but get over it you babies, just be glad diablo didn't get made into a first person, cell shaded, platformer. jeesus m christie!

Charlie26883667d ago

"I've got an idea boys, lets make a petition to end petitions everywhere. tally ho!"

I actually know there are at least 2 of those XD

If you ask me personally about this whole color/art debacle I would tell you I would still play it using the current thing (looks similar to the one used in TQ and I had no trouble with that one) but if give the choice I would like to see the colors modified to what some fans envisioned since it looks a LOT better than the current one and it wouldn't necessarily need a complete remaking of the game it will also be nice if at least Blizzard gives us an optional color filter to achieve this (since that is what the fans used)

just in case you haven't seen it this is what I am talking about

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The story is too old to be commented.