Nintendo to Launch Wii in Taiwan July 12th

Nintendo world report writes: "The Nintendo Wii video game console will officially launch in Taiwan on July 12, 2008. Nintendo Phuten Co. recently launched Taiwan's official Nintendo site. The site features the Wii bundled with Wii Sports at a price of 8,500 TWD (280 USD).

However, in a country known for media piracy, some video game fans already own a Wii. The video game system has been on sale in Taiwan for some time, with stores importing the system and even selling the system pre-installed with illegal mod chips. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles have an official two-year head-start (and recent price cut for Xbox 360) advantage over the Nintendo Wii system."

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TheDeadMetalhead3665d ago

I feel so bad for those guys. I mean we've had it for 20 months in the US and they're just now getting it? I really feel bad for them. :(