Rockstar Announces Midnight Club: Los Angeles PSP Version writes; "Rockstar announced Midnight Club: LA Remix for the PSP, which is scheduled for a simultaneous release. This version, however, is being handled by Rockstar London (Manhunt 2) rather than the studio in San Diego."

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GodsHand3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I hope that they fixed the loading issue that midnight club 3 had on the PSP. I know it say's no load times, but maybe that has something to do with the other version.

slave2Dcontroller3665d ago

so im pretty excited about the upcoming MC, not for PSP though. I want the PS3 version.

Strife Lives3665d ago

Psp dying? Yeah fricken I'll buy a Psp and 360 ver

Mcrmarcher3665d ago

The load times better be a hell of a lot better, i didn't even finish the last one because by the time it loaded my car i had fallen asleep! Hopefully Rockstar London can do a better job. Best of luck to them.

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