StarCraft II Details Revealed by Karune at WWI 2008 Fansite Event

At WWI 2008, there was an event outside the regular interviews and panels, a Fansite Event with Karune and Xordiah, even if she wasn't very present, being in charge of WWI organization. The event included a very extensive Interview with Karune, which was only recorded by, and this is the second part of the "mega-batch" of StarCraft II answers

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Leord3581d ago

I'm wondering how it can be that Rob Pardo gets so many things wrong, as he is the top boss O.o

Still, I guess it's true what Karune said about the "Browder contact"...

kalos3581d ago

I wonder why this is taking so much time to get approved? I'm fairly sure there isn't a duplicate.

SCFreelancer3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

I am sure its not, this is just part 2 of the series. I am even pretty sure that this is the single biggest, most information packed Starcraft 2 related article on the net!

Cogo3581d ago

Really?, seemed kind of long =P Sometimes it's nice to have the Karune batches only once in a while and short...

Oh, who am I kidding, Blizzard games are interesting *reading*

Kalos - I think sometimes it just takes a while. Seems a bit random.

mariusmal3581d ago

damn i was hoping we could get st2 this year, so we could have diablo next year. this one being launched in 2009 means that diablo3 is coming 2010 or 2011

SCFreelancer3581d ago

I think that it is very likely that the game will at least go into beta before the year ends, which would mean a release somewhere in the first quarter of 2009. This is by no means official of course... see it more as an educated guess ;)

Leord3581d ago

Yeah, I agree. Seems like late 2009 isn't completely out of the question either though, but early 2009 should definitely be possible.

Cogo3581d ago

I'm interested in SC2, but not overly bothered. I can wait =)

mariusmal3581d ago

i just said that because blizzard will milk both franchises. they arent gonna release two killer games in one year.

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