Why FW Update 2.40 Was A Failure.

Via AnalogHype: "Firmware 2.40 was released and to be honest. I was really unimpressed by it. I was one of the people extremely hyped for this update. And I was saddened when it honestly didn't live up to the hype it was building up. I'm going to break down each of the main features and speak my peace about the latest update."

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chaosatom3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

It takes time and support from those bastard lazy developers.

It will get better.

Ex The God3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I know. This is blatant hating either. I'm sure if people read it they would agree with most if not all of the reasons stated.

What I meant by that..was that somethings impressed me somethings didn't.

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Hydrolex3665d ago

Good list.

We are not bashing Sony, we want them to know their mistakes and fix them.

Microsoft doesn't even fix their mistakes. 360 Elite 3 RROD

Silellak3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Doesn't matter if your points are right or wrong - I happen to think you are, for the most part, right - but terms like "Failbox 360" do not belong in the Gamer Zone.

Also, regarding point #3, he was saying he doesn't care if the PS3 shows the XMB in PS2/PS1 games, but that it SHOULD show up during movie playback. Which, for the record, the 360 does do.

GiantEnemyCrab3665d ago

That's it 1.2 and 1.3 Deflect it, deflect it!

Hydrodunce still using the same tired arguments. How is putting a side 1 billion dollars not addressing a problem? How is replacing the motherboard with the Falcon chipset(soon to be Jasper chipset) and eliminating most of the RROD failures not addressing the problem? Why are we even talking about MS?

What did Sony do with the PS2 DRE issues.. NOTHING. So go take a history lesson before you start spouting how MS does nothing and Sony does everything.

Voozi3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Regarding the DRE. A lawsuit was filed against Sony where they then agreed to repair/replace PS2's that suffered from the DRE for free up until 2005.

Just thought I'd educate you on that. But sucks for me though since I was uneducated on that at the time my PS2 got the DRE and was out of warranty and bought a new PS2 Slim D; oh well lol nothing I can do about that now XD

mesh13665d ago

im a ps3 faN AND ive had anough time after time sony elts me down my ps3 broke i had to pay 150pounds to get it repaired ,2.40 bugged out my ps3 and the trophys are not well done i compared them to my bro 360 and it was garabge ,i rARELY PLAY my ps3 software axs they bore me im an deffinatly returning the ps3 as soon as e3 comes sround

PAPERCHASER03963665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Why is this guy speaking about thing that 2.4 gave us which should have been included at launch the title specifically implies the to reason why 2.4 was a failure, most of the things he states were a plus not a freakn minus so he needs to give us only the failures...

JBaby3433665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I'm happy with 2.4 and haven't had any problems with it. Now that I can in-game text I don't need anything else. Someone is just trying to bring the PS3 down because it keeps getting better. Just play b3yond people. The improvements keep on coming.

@crab: I've known at least 12 people with a PS2 and none ever had a problem. I know 6 with 360s and 2 of them have had them die on them both multiple times. The PS2 might have had some issues but in my experience it was nothing to go crying about. Try again.

jamesrocks31473665d ago

no in game voice chat :( come one sony this is needed.
now XMB is here i think voice chat will be the most wanted thing
for the PSN now. and it needs addressing to sony ALOT

cross game invites??

i would like also.

doG_beLIEfs3665d ago

Wait a minute. Why am I seeing posts and articles about Sony should have WAITED and not released 2.4 until it was ready? Seriously, WTF?
So many (including me) have complained that Sony should give us in-game XMB so that we can send and receive messages. Is that not what Sony just gave us? Did they not say this was phase 1 of 3?

The same thing goes for Home. I hear constant crying that Sony should quit delaying it and release it. So let's say they do and viola, people will do an Al Gore and say Sony should have not released it till its ready.

Stop crying about what isn't in the 2.4 update and start enjoying what IS in the update. The games that are out now are probably going to stay pre 2.4, however the games that come out from now on...WILL more than likely have 2.4 support.

Honestly, I have seen LESS crying at a baby shower. If you are an adult you will have learned to be patient by now. Be patient, Sony is NOT done with the firmware updates, every single update will add more functionality and give us a better system.

ENOUGH!!! STOP CRYING YOU BIG BABBIES!!! GO GET A BOTTLE FROM MOMMY AND GO TAKE A NAP, maybe if you sleep long enough you might wake up without that giant stick up your bum.


instantstupor3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

"All in all I was impressed but I was unimpressed by the new firmware update". Uh you don't really know what you thought of it?

You know what, I have a hard time taking people seriously when they write as poorly as this article was written. I don't know how I'm expected to give any credence to what is said when I'm getting stabbed in the eye every other sentence. All I have to say is, though it may sound stupid and picky to knock the writing, it makes me cringe.

In any event, I went ahead and endured it anyway...let me tell you right now that it was a waste of time. The writer basically said that the cons far outweighed the pros. First off, how anything is a con I'm not sure. You either find a feature is useful and you like it or a feature is useless to you and you could, at most, feel indifferent about it. How anything that was added in this update could be considered a con by anyone is beyond me.

Interestingly enough, he stated many things were cons simply because he thought they should have been there day one and/or that they shouldn't have been listed as a "main feature". the features weren't there, we spoke up and asked for them, and they delivered. Late? Yes, but they delivered them nonetheless. So the writer deems this firmware a failure because...well, because the features were late. Apparently "better late than never" doesn't apply here.

On top of which, I'm not sure where he got that things like the clock or quitting the game from the XMB were "main features" from. They were just features that were listed as being in the update. They weren't touted or anything. I'd say Sony said the main features here were the in game XMB and the Trophies. I think you'd find many agree.

cmrbe3665d ago

to ask PS fans to stay away from these moronic articles. Don't dignify them by giving them a single thought. Don't give them a hit.

Guys the trolls are out to try and bash this new feature because they fear it that much. You guys don't have to explain or defend anything. Any person with half a brain knows that this is a monumental step forward for the PS3 and something this big will not always be 100% bug free and Sony it will patch it in the near future. Most of you are already enjoying 2.4 and are having a blast. Don't feed the trolls and enjoy 2.4 for FREE. Early impression from professionals have been very positive(See IGN 2.4 impression)which is amazing for a first try for Sony and here is the kicker, it is going to get so much better especially with Home.

As PS fans we have a sh1tload of stuff to look forward. Lets not get bog down in these useless arguments with scared trolls because its useless trying to reason or argue with fools. Let them hate and bash while we enjoy everything that the PS3 has to offer.

agent8643665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

yes it should have been there from the start and yes I want cross chat and invites.

i would rather have everyone earn their trophies than copy them off the internet.

saying that an added feature like the clock is a failure because it should have been added sooner is ludicrous. is the feature useful or not ... does it work or not.

the ps3 does show you when you receive a message in game although these notifications can be turned off. the author probably had this setting turned off

launch directly into another disc based game from the one i'm currently playing ... not sure why the author complains about this. you have to get up at somepoint and change the disc ! its not a big deal to have to quit it and go into another game do it before you get up off the couch your game is already interrupted.

in movie xmb -- there's nothing like watching a movie and getting all kinds of popups. if you stop the movie check your messages and play it it picks up where you left off. no big deal.

in game soundtrack -- its implemented this way because of Microsoft patents. Sony had to leave it to game devs to have an in-game component to implement this to get around the patent.

this all being said having played with the new update SSHD last night i enjoyed the update quite immensely. I chatted and played and earned trophies all at the same time well you know what i mean. and by that measure it was a success.

having said that i do appreciate that xbl has had these features and more from the get-go and realize how forward thinking and gamer focused Microsoft was in their implementation.

mistertwoturbo3665d ago

As I've said, Sony could give everybody free gold and complainers will complain that it's not 14 karots.

JBaby3433665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Too bad the crab didn't respond further with fud.

ZombieNinjaPanda3665d ago

The ps3 does show the xmb during movie playback. I was watching meet the spartans with my friend today, we pressed the button, and the xmb came up.

TapiocaMilkTea3665d ago

How can something extra and free be a failure??? If you don't like the extra features then don't use it!
If you're talking about the glitch then it's just a temporary technical problem.
I'm not even going to bother reading the article......

barom3665d ago

He was obviously very much misinformed. He talked about how 'quitting a game' and 'time/date display' as being MAIN features. Obviously in-game XMB was the MAIN feature with focus on trophies, in-game messaging and music. Obviously Trophies not being retroactive is a good thing as I could've just downloaded saved games for pretty much all the games and gotten the trophies for games I don't even have. Rest of his complaints, well my opinion about them is under.

To me this sounds like a small kid just wanting his opinion out without understanding the work and effort that takes behind these features. That I could've gotten just from this quote

'Now I honestly think they could have gone that extra mile and done at least DVD/Blu Ray XMB. PS2 I see no point but not having XMB in the movies is kind of lazy in my eyes.'

or this

'I really feel that Sony could have waited and perfected some problems plus added a few key things that would have made me extremely impressed.'

Personally I'm happy they've gotten this feature out. I would rather have this than nothing at all and since this is out now developers can start supporting trophies and in-game music.

LastDance3665d ago

are we really talking about a failing FIRMWARE UPDATE....can that even were really debating firmware......dear lord.

ThichQuangDuck3665d ago

Just because this feauture wasnt implented at first and not all developers want to go back and make self esteem boost in their game instead of focusing on the new game doesnt make them lazy. Im going to be a game developer soon but people like you , the ungreatfuls make me happy there is some people who appreciate good games.

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blackboyunltd3665d ago

very good list, the developers should peep this list

toughNAME3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Maybe Sony shouldn't have released it so quickly? They probably should have given 2.40 some 2 years or so.

fenderputty3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

How long did it take xbox live to get to where it is? I'm pretty sure it's been around since before the 360.

The biggest complaint was that there is no cross game messaging which has now been taken care of. Trophies have been added and will be noticeable in months time after more games get released. Ingame custom tracks are the only area in which they didn't deliver. Then again, they laid the foundation for it to happen so I hope, like trophies, this will become a normal thing as well.

Its not perfect, but its one giant step up from where it was. It's free and functional.

HateBoy3665d ago

Who's talking about the 360? Stop being so defensive, it makes you look really insecure.

On topic: I dont care, seems fine to me...

Salvadore3665d ago

The whole issue with in-game music, isn't that because Microsoft owns the patent for Universal custom soundtrack and Sony has to instead rely on developers to incorporate to their titles?

Ex The God3665d ago

@ beast

I never did. I always had to go back out of the game go over to messages and then see that it was there. The PSN never gave me a message when I was playing a game.

beast3665d ago

That feature has been there since day 1. Thats how most of my friends communicate with me while i am in-game . putting the message in the subject heading so i can get it in-game. Really that feature has been in PS3 since day 1

Shankle3665d ago

Which model do you have and where do you live? I've always been notified of messages immediately like Beast.

beast3665d ago

"Send text messages to PSN users on your friends list
I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a message in game that was important and didn’t know because it doesn’t show you when you get a message in game. This (along with the In Game XMB obviously) are the biggest features for me in the update"

What is he talking about. you get the reminder on the upper right corner whenever you recieve a message, and a conformation when someone else read your message...

Infernus3665d ago

I think he turned his message notification off and forgot all about it. The PS3 has had msg notifications since launch.

I used the msgs the same way you did Beast, put the msg in the header. I see 2.40 as a huge success, I've wanted ingame messaging more than anything else in this update and it makes life so much easier. Playing Warhawk yesterday and was talking about trophies and things with someone playing GTA4, I also like the way the igXMB doesn't automatically pause the game, I have one of those minikeyboards and typing messages is real fast so I don't really need to pause to reply.

I disagree with this article, 2.40 is a success and has laid the foundation for Home when 2D Trophies become 3D trophies. The level up trophy system is much more appealling to me than a random number gamerscore. I played SS:HD a bit today trying to get some trophies and the Bronze Silver Gold split is definitely distinguishable, those Gold trophies take some effort.

I would like to see updates for Burnout: Paradise, Skate and GTA4 though. I know Warhawk is getting trophies soon! :D

vitz33665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

There was a post here. It's gone now.

Figboy3665d ago

damn i love that game. i should play it now...