Planet Xbox 360: Don King Presents: Prizefighter Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "Boxing games are few and far between on the Xbox 360, so it is good to see a few more titles coming to surface. The first of these titles is Prizefighter, endorsed by the legendary promoter Don King and brought to fruit by 2K sports. At time of writing the only other option for 360 gamers is Fight Night Round 3 from EA Sports, which received praise for its good standard of game play and impressive visuals. Nevertheless, it was an 'arcade' affair and most avid boxing fans will agree that we have been crying out for a good simulation for a while. The question is, will Prizefighter deliver in that sense or will it find itself sprawled on the canvas?

The first thing you notice when you boot up the game is the presentation, which is top notch and does its job more than adequately. It quietly resembles FNR3 in all aspects of the front end and subsequent menus. Game modes available are limited to Career mode, Exhibition and Multiplayer. There is also the option to create your own fighter, plus training practice available from the main menu. There are about 40 fighters to choose from, ranging from the legendary Joe Calzaghe to classic fighters like Larry Holmes and Joe Louis. There are a lot of more well-known fighters missing. Not all fighters are available to use from the get go, they need to be unlocked. You can also unlock classic fights and video footage by completing career mode challenges."

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JokesOnYou3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

"Let me just be clear about one thing; the controls are appalling. In fact, they are so frustrating when you play the game for the first time that you may find yourself launching the controller against walls or in the direction of your pets."

-bad controls/gameplay, thats just unacceptable in a boxing game, hell EA did it.....what happened 2k?

I'll wait for Facebreaker.